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Pet Wipes

Animal Pet Wet Wipes 70 Pads

₹324.00 ₹360.00
Animall pet wipes for dogs and cats is specially formulated to keep your pet’s coat looking and smelling great in between baths.
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Odor and Stain Removers

Lozalo Kennel Wash Natural for Pets

₹1,058.00 ₹1,150.00
Lozalo Kennel Wash for pets the ideal and safest way to keep your pet's surrounding clean and bacteria-free. Keep your Pet's house clean and hygienic with the Lozalo Kennel Wash for pets. Pet-friendly content ensures that your four-legged friend is in no danger.
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Poop Scoopers

Pets Empire Dog Poop Scooper Folding Large

₹498.00 ₹600.00
Easily remove pet waste from the yard with this foldable jaw clamp scooper. The convenient tool offers a nice alternative to plastic bags and makes the chore a hands-free experience with no need to bend over or get too close. Its scooping design works well on grass, concrete, dirt, and other surfaces. From dog poop to dead things, pick-ups are hassle-free...
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Altressa Hand Sanitizer 99.9% Germ Kill Without Water 5 Liter

₹2,125.00 ₹2,500.00
Altressa Pure&Safe Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria and provides effective protection. Sanitize your hands frequently and on-the-go with this anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal sanitizer, no water needed. Neem impart a clean refreshing and soothing aroma while Aloe Vera & Glycerine gently moisturize.
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Pawzone Medical Examination Disposable Gloves

₹280.00 ₹400.00
Easy To Use. Skin friendly These gloves are used mostly by healthcare professionals but also could be used in many applications. These gloves are very smooth for improved feel.

Maintain the environment around your pup neat and clean.

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