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Poop Scoopers

Dog Poop Scooper Folding Large

₹520.00 ₹650.00
Easily remove pet waste from the yard with this foldable jaw clamp scooper. The convenient tool offers a nice alternative to plastic bags and makes the chore a hands-free experience with no need to bend over or get too close. Its scooping design works well on grass, concrete, dirt, and other surfaces. From dog poop to dead things, pick-ups are hassle-free...
Cord / Cordless Nail Grinder
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Nail Clippers & Trimmers

Andis Cord / Cordless Nail Grinder

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₹7,600.00 ₹9,500.00
It is a lightweight and ergonomic design and is great for small or large petsNormal & Turbo speed to trim your pet’s nails quickly.
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