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Flea and Tick

Virbac Fipronil Spray-80ml

₹303.03 ₹369.55
Used to cure and prevent further growth of flea and ticksTropical use onlyDosage of Virbac Fipronil Spray7.5-15 mg/kg body weight6-12 pump application / kg body weight
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MSD Deltamethrin Butox Solution For Pets

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₹400.50 ₹445.00
Butox Pour-On is an easily-applied pour-on product based on the proven active ingredient, deltamethrin. It controls lice, biting flies and nuisance flies and provides control for 8-10 weeks which is longer than any other available product in this segment. The advanced formula penetrates the oily layer of the skin to provide complete coverage of the body...
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