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Indian Immunologicals  Ivectin tab 10 Tablets
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Health Care

Indian Immunologicals Ivectin Deworming Tablets

₹9.90 ₹11.00
Ivermectin is effective against all stages of almost all of the major parasites including canine heartworm larvae. It is also a potent ectoparasiticide. Its mode of action makes it to restrict its use against tapeworms and flukes. 
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Health Care

Indian Immunologicals Gyroflox 150mg 10 Tablets

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₹88.56 ₹108.00
Protect your cat/ dog / livestock from a variety of infections with the unique combination of chemicals that provide effective action against bacterial and mycoplasmic infections
  • -18% / -18%

Vetalexin Cephalexin 7 Tabs 600 mg

1 Reviews
₹159.90 ₹195.00
Type: Tablets Suitable for both cats & dogs for treating the bacterial infections. Oral Administration only.

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