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Vetoquinol Aluspray Wounds & Cuts Spray-AWD 75ml

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₹267.30 ₹297.00
An aerosol wound dressing spray that creates a bandage when sprayed on your pet's wound. This in turn aids in recovery as the wound is no longer open to dust and germs.
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Vetoquinol Nutrisam 365 Briskit Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 50 Tabs

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₹261.25 ₹275.00
Usage: To avoid Mineral & Vitamin deficiences. For healthy skin coat. For increase immunity. For proper breeding & litter size. Dosage: Pups & Cats : 1 briskit DailyMedium sized dogs : 2 briskits DailyLarge sized dogs : 4 briskits DailyOrally Your veterinarian is the best source of advise regarding your pet's needs.   
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Health Care

Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus Lotion

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₹144.00 ₹160.00
Quantity: 30 ml and 100 ml Provide treatment to the skin and heal it.  Effective control of dandruff flaking, scaling & itching.  Prevents the re-occurrence of anti-inflammatory lotion.
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Health Care

Fixotic Dog Flea And Tick Aerosol Spray 100 ml

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₹408.06 ₹453.40
Anti-flea & tick spray. Quantity: 100 ml. Suitable for both cats & dogs. Prevents and controls the infestation. Strong garden fragrance.

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