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Steel Bowls

Savic Cascade, 3:1 Drinking Fountain For Pets

2 Reviews
₹5,200.00 ₹6,500.00
Encourage your cats to drink more water and stay hydrated with the Savic Cascade Drinking fountain. Dimensions: Dimension-28*34*17 cm Capacity- 1.5L
Savic Picnic 1 Bowl 300ml  Pack of 3
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Bowls & Feeders

Savic Picnic Bowl

1 Reviews
₹152.00 ₹160.00
Capacity: 300ml,600ml,1.25ml Dimensions: 12cm/Height: 12cm                      16cm/Height: 16cm                      19cm/Height: 19cm  
Savic Picnic Cocker Bowl For Dogs, 700 ml
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Plastic Bowls

Savic Picnic Cocker Bowl For Cat, 700 ml

2 Reviews
₹233.75 ₹275.00
Extremely lightweight High sides avoid all spillages Can be used for both water and food Attractive blue color Easy to clean

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