Flea And Tick Powders

Vitapol Hay For Rodents- 300g
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Flea and Tick

Extick Powder Anti Tick Powder Pack of 2 (100 gms)

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The Anti Tick & Flea Powder has been specially formulated for the effective control of ticks and fleas on the cats and dogs. This powder contains Propoxur which acts as an ectoparasitic and helps in reducing ticks and fleas. This powder is gentle on the skin and is easy to use.
Petcare Notix P Anti Tick Flea Powder 100gm
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Flea And Tick Powders

Petcare Notix P Anti Tick Flea Powder 100gm

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The problem of ticks and fleas is very common in almost every dog and you have to do something about it before it turns worse for your pet. Notix anti-tick and flea powder for the dog as the name suggests gives an effective solution to resolve all the problems associated with the ticks and fleas. The good thing about this product is that you can use it on...

Let your pup be neat and tidy. Flea and tick powder available online provides a proper treatment for dogs at best prices and discounts.

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