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Venkys Thromb Beat Syrup Remedy For Anaemia 100 ml

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₹204.00 ₹240.00
Venkys Thromb Beat Syrup is supportive in the treatment of Chemotherapy. Venkys Thromb Beat Syrup is used to boost platelets count in Anaemia and reduce Iron deficiency Venkys Thromb Beat Syrup is used to regulate Liver functioning & immunomodulation Dosage - Up to 12.5kg 3-5ml every day 12.5– 25kg 5-10ml Every day 25kg and above 10-20ml Every day 
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Venkys Fe folate Iron Supplement for Dogs 200ml

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₹142.50 ₹150.00
Rich supplement with iron, water-soluble B-vitamin, energy booster, enriched with the iron & folate. Dosage:  5ml twice daily Type: Syrup Quantity: 200 ML
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Hemobest Hematinic Iron Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 200 ml

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₹108.00 ₹120.00
HEMOBEST PET is a highly palatable hematinic syrup containing Iron in the form of Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex, along with L-Methyl Folate, B-Complex vitamins & Copper. Dosage: Puppies /Cats: 2.5 ml twice daily Adult dogs: 5 ml twice daily
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Vetoquinol arbce Iron Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 200 ml

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₹161.50 ₹170.00
Multivitamin supplement in case of vitamin deficiency conditions like nutritional deficiency, parasitic infestations, debility and convalescence. Type:  Multivitamin Supplement Syrup. Quantity: 200 ml. Dosage: Dogs: 5 ml/20 kg.b.wt. twice a dayCats: 0.5 ml/5 kg.b.wt. twice a dayFor pups & kittens feed according to b. wt.Can be given in feed or water...

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