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  • Brand: BEAPHAR
  • Health Consideration: Skin, Coat and Anti Hair Fall
Beaphar Algolith 500gm
  • -15% / -15%
Health Care

Beaphar Algolith 500gm

₹765.00 ₹900.00
Algolith is a natural sea algae meal, made by fastidious preparation methods for dogs, cats, birds and small animals.coat/plumage and therefore has a very favorable action on all body functions. Algolith strenghtens the natural color of the coat, feathers, eyes and nose and ensures a healthy, glossy coat/plumage.
Beaphar Salmon Oil Supplement, 425 ml
  • -25% / -25%

Beaphar Salmon Oil Supplement, 425ml

₹615.00 ₹820.00
Especially for dogs, improving heart & joint health. Energy booster for working dogs. Used for control of hairfall and protects skin and coat. Specially formulated for canines, for Improving heart and joint health Salmon Oil is recommended for keeping the coat healthy as well as the heart and joints for optimum health and mobility
Beaphar Doggy's Biotine MultiVit 75 Tablets
  • -14% / -14%
Health Care

Beaphar Doggy's Biotine 75 Tablets

₹240.80 ₹280.00
Type: Supplement Count: 75 Tablet Supplementary food for dogs. Positive effect on skin and coat. Enriched with a wide range of minerals. The perfect reward for pets. Dull Eyes

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