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Vitapol Mineral Block For Birds Apple 35gms

Vitapol Mineral Block For Birds Apple 35 gms

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Suitable - Birds

Quantity - 35gm

For healthy bones, strong eggs, & shiny feathers.

Complete calcium carbonate.

Easy to eat for the bird.

The bird needs calcium for healthy bones, strong eggs, and shiny feathers. The food is provided with complete natural calcium carbonate to ensure your bird for receiving all the minerals necessary to thrive in its environment. Available in a playful 35 gm block, the product is enriched with the fruity goodness of apple and is easily consumable by your bird. It will eliminate the boredom & also a perfect food supplement.


  • Calcium-rich.
  • Helps to strengthen the bones.
  • The proper construction of eggshells during the breeding phase.
  • Essential during the molting phase, promotes healthy feathers.
  • Enriched with dried apples.

Ingredients: Mineral substances 99%, Dried apple 1%

Store in a cool &  dry place.

35 gms
1 Reviews

Highly recommend
My bird loves this food.It is pretty much all he eats. This is a great bird diet for small Birds.
By Mohan on 04/21/2020

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