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Vitapol Vitaline Mix Natural For Canary 20gms

Vitapol Vitaline Mix Natural For Canary 20 gms

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Suitable - Canary

Quantity - 20gm

Enriched with the natural vitamin.

Excellent for breeding canaries.

A complete blend of natural vitamins & proteins.

The fortified canary diet supplement made from herbs & handpicked seeds. Formulated to provide your pet with the vitamins and minerals for its needs. The complete with a blend of natural vitamins and proteins which is excellent for breeding canaries or for those in molting. Make this as a part of your canary’s daily course of the regiment to support the bird’s overall development and immunity while keeping diseases at bay.


  • Natural vitamins enriched from the best quality of herbs.
  • Suitable mostly for canary weakened during breeding & when the body requires a varied diet.
  • Provides a healthy & intense colored feather due to the presence of carotene.
  • Contains hibiscus flower, mallow, and marigold in lowering the cholesterol & enriched with vitamins.
  • Protects the liver and support for the immune system.
  • The nettle prevents diarrhea, flatulence, improves the peristalsis.

Ingredients: Canary grass seed, niger seed, seeds of flax, sesame, poppy, lettuce, poppy, hemp & grass; oat grains, hibiscus flower, nettle, rose petals, oat groats,
bee pollen, mallow flower, marigold flower, turnip seed.

20 gms
1 Reviews

High quality
It is supplement food, rich in natural vitamins from herbs of the highest quality. Ideal for debilitated birds
By Ishpreet Kaur on 04/21/2020

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