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New Born Puppy Boost 0.015

New Born Puppy Boost 15ml


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Type:  Gel

Suitable: For both puppies & kittens. 

Quantity:  0.15ml


  • For puppies & kittens under-weight & boosting energy. 
  • Improve the physical condition & sucking.
  • Resistance to stress.
  • Ensure the good balance of gut flora & prevent diarrhea.

It is a rich nutritional supplement in the form of an oral paste designed to boost energy supply for small, weak and underweight puppies and kittens. Allows them to fight diseases. It ensures a good balance of the gut flora and helps prevent diarrhea. Helps in improving the puppy's physical condition and suckling. Provides resistance to stress. It is ready and simple to use, easy to handle with no waste.


  • Allows them to fight diseases.
  • Ready and simple to use, easy to handle with no waste.
  • Ensure a good balance of the gut flora and help prevent diarrhea.
  • Provides resistance to stress.
  • Stimulating the puppies activity.

Ingredients:  Tnglycendes, Essential fatty acids and glucose, Lactic acid bacteria, Package of vitamins, Iron in the form of sulfate, Special plant extracts' blend (kola, guarana), Profile of 18 amino acids.

The product is a combination of:

  • Energy fast absorption triglycerides, essential fatty acids, and glucose which are immediately available.
  • Colostrum which is crucially needed by puppies during their first hours of life to allow them to fight diseases.
  • Lactic acid bacteria (SF68) ensure a good balance of the gut flora and help prevent diarrhea. SF68 colonize the gut to help exclude E. Coli, salmonella and other potential pathogens.
  • A complex package of vitamins (vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, C) improving the puppy physical condition and suckling ability, especially vitamin C for resistance to stress.
  • Iron in the form of sulfate: the iron in PUPPY BOOST is bonded to an energy carrier molecule which, because of the trans-gastric absorption, is bioavailable within minutes.
  • A special plant extracts blend (kola, guarana), stimulating the puppies activity.
  • A Profile of 18 amino acids.


  • Immediately available energy in order to help puppies to access the maternal colostrum.
  • Activity and tonicity stimulation, thanks to a special plant extracts blend.
  • Beneficial bacteria colonization of the gut.
  • Improving the physical condition, suckling ability, and resistance to stress.


  • For weak, small and underweight animals.
  • Long whelping.
  • In case of parturition problems.

Directions to use: Introduce the nozzle on to the back of the puppies tongue. Give one dose(1 ml) and allow the puppy to swallow
For Puppies: 1 ml (1 graduation) as soon after birth as possible and repeat 5hours later. Repeat the second day of life.
For Dogs: 2 ml (2 graduatons) and repeat 5 hours later.

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