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Guide to Cat Breeds

A Guide to Cat Breeds “Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort” - James Herriot. Whether one is looking for a comforting companion or an adventurous friend, one does not really need to look further than a cat. Cats first domesticated themselves to enter human society about 4000 years ago to form mutually beneficial and

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JOIN THE WINNERS BANDWAGON  Hello, Paw-Parents! Marshallspetzone brings you an amazing unbox video contest. One lucky winner every week gets his ORDER FREE. Place your order. Make an unbox VIDEO or a PICTURE after you receive the order. Rules:  Follow @marshallspetzone on Instagram or like and Follow our page on Facebook Please make a video/picture

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Alia Bhatt Is In Love Again, With Someone Really Adorable!

Yes, you heard it right. Alia Bhatt herself has admitted and flaunted her new lover all over the internet. We were also stunned after listening to this news. No wonder so many hearts got broken too. So we decided to look into the core which flabbergasted us more. And we were left with nothing but

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How to litter train your cat?

Being a cat owner can be pretty much of a responsibility- well, at least some cat owners do sweat, if not all. We at Marshalls Petzone are always to your rescue. This article is going to be the answer to your questions- how to litter training cats and how to clean litter boxes. Cats are

A simple guide to feed your cat!

How much should I feed my cat? This is a dilemma for all the cat owners. So do not worry, all your queries correlated to cat feeding guidelines are being solved here. Cats are special and their feeding guide has to be different. A suitable balanced diet comprising with all the prime nutrition and ingredients

Olympians And Their Exotic Pals

  We all enjoyed Olympic games and the great spirit of Olympians was undoubtedly worth a salute. They have received a tremendous support and love from their fans all over the world. But do you really know? They also have their biggest fans cheering from their own home as well.  Here I am not talking

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Let me introduce you with very intelligent, interactive and highly sociable kitty. They are simply wonderful cats you will ever come across. One of the most recognized cat's breeds, popular and the cherry on the cake is they are passionate about people. It’s all about Oriental shorthair. A four-legged animal loves to hang all day

Divas and their dashing furries

Whenever we talk about Bollywood and Pets, it is always the actors who rule. Very fewer people are aware that behind these talented acting chops, good looks,good looks and good looks, they are proud mommies of dashing furries. From international meals, vacations, luxury, branded accessories to night rides and shoots you will find them all

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Royal Canin Sterilised Cat Food Review

My name is Vinisha and my cat’s name is Ferrero. I have been using Royal Canin Sterilised Cat Food for more than a year now. This cat food is specifically formulated for cats in the age group of 1 to 7 years. I and my kitty are huge fans of Royal Canin Sterilised Cat food. Ever since

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