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A Guide to Cat Breeds

“Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort” - James Herriot. Whether one is looking for a comforting companion or an adventurous friend, one does not really need to look further than a cat. Cats first domesticated themselves to enter human society about 4000 years ago to form mutually beneficial and surely affectionate relationships. Since then cats

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Let me introduce you with very intelligent, interactive and highly sociable kitty. They are simply wonderful cats you will ever come across. One of the most recognized cat's breeds, popular and the cherry on the cake is they are passionate about people. It’s all about Oriental shorthair. A four-legged animal loves to hang all day

Royal Canin Persian Adult Cat Food Review

My cat Dorina used to cough up hairballs. Dorina was my first pet and I was really inexperienced. Whatever medication I gave her was simply useless. The medicines failed to make an impact on Dorina. And to top it all, Dorina started developing the respiratory disorder as a side-effect of the medicines that I gave

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