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A Simple Guide To Feed Your Cat!

How much should I feed my cat? This is a dilemma for all the cat owners. So do not worry, all your queries correlated to cat feeding guidelines are being solved here. Cats are special and their feeding guide has to be different. A suitable balanced diet comprising with all the prime nutrition and ingredients


Let me introduce you with very intelligent, interactive and highly sociable kitty. They are simply wonderful cats you will ever come across. One of the most recognized cat's breeds, popular and the cherry on the cake is they are passionate about people. It’s all about Oriental shorthair. A four-legged animal loves to hang all day

Royal Canin Sterilised Cat Food Review

My name is Vinisha and my cat’s name is Ferrero. I have been using Royal Canin Sterilised Cat Food for more than a year now. This cat food is specifically formulated for cats in the age group of 1 to 7 years. I and my kitty are huge fans of Royal Canin Sterilised Cat food. Ever since

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Royal Canin Persian Adult Cat Food Review

My cat Dorina used to cough up hairballs. Dorina was my first pet and I was really inexperienced. Whatever medication I gave her was simply useless. The medicines failed to make an impact on Dorina. And to top it all, Dorina started developing the respiratory disorder as a side-effect of the medicines that I gave

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Royal Canin Kitten Review

About 6 months back, on a rainy day, I was parking my two-wheeler in the basement of a shopping mall. There was short-circuit in that area and there was no electricity. After parking my vehicle I went up to the mall and started shopping for groceries. After about an hour or so, I was done

Royal Canin Baby Cat Instinctive & Kitten Instinctive Cat Food Review

I am Rubina. I have been reading many reviews on Royal Canin products on the Facebook page of Marshalls pet Zone. All the reviews are mostly positive, but mine is a mixed review, neither a negative one nor a positive one. I got my kitty (Myra) home in January 2015. Myra is my first pet

Royal Canin Fit 32 Review

I have a cat and her name is Christina. She is the most cheerful and active cat I have ever seen. She stays at home when I am at the office. At home, I have a helper who takes care of Christina all the time. One day, due to some domestic emergency, my helper took