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Complete Solution Of Hair-fall & Skin Infection In Dogs

Hair-fall in dogs is one of the universal yet severe issues. Every canine parent should be aware of the inclusive conception of hair-fall. This is for the reason that every so often, most of the owners misinterpret hair-fall with shedding or are not able to recognize the symptoms of hair-fall. There can be diverse reasons for

Dog Shampoo Brands : Our Top 3 Budget Picks

Dog shampoo plays a significant role in dog grooming. All pooch parents want their dog to be hale and hearty. Along with this, they also want to retain healthy and shiny fur of their dogs. Having a healthy and soft coat and fur helps the dogs to remain energetic. And bright shiny fur adds charm

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German Shepherd – Sale, Breed Information & Facts

The German Shepherd Dog is a large to medium size dog breed originated in Germany. They are also known as GSD or Alsatian, which were originally bred for herding sheep. Whereas, with fleeting time everything has changed. The breed today is among the most popular, trusted and loyal breeds. They are part of the search and

Dog Clothing – How To Measure Up Your Dog For A New Coat & Other Clothing

With the passing time, the definition of clothing has changed and also the fashion industry has exaggerated and spread its paws towards the pet industry as well. Either it is dog designer dresses, dog winter apparels, dog jackets, dog shirts and t-shirts, dog sweaters etc., there is a wide range of varieties available. Dog clothing

How to prevent your dog from heatstroke.

Heatstroke – in very simple terms, it can be sentenced as - when the temperature of the body leaves the safer zone. This particular hitch is getting common nowadays in dogs. The foremost reason behind heatstroke is that dogs don’t have the ability to sweat, they start to pant but panting generally doesn't help them

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Often Overlooked Ways Pets Sizzle In The Summer

As animal lovers, we all know by now not to leave an animal inside of a hot car, not even for a moment, but there are other dangers that face our pets when the mercury begins to rise. When the temperature starts to approach triple digits, there're other perils to ponder for our pets. While

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Summer Eeesential : Cooling Vests For Dogs

This time of year: THE SUMMER is always tough on pets — especially for the super-playful ones who prefer to persist in their dog day frolics despite the few extra degrees. Left to their own devices, they’d play the day away, risking heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration, among other hot weather hazards. Hot weather spells trouble

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The Best Dog Shampoos

THE BEST DOG SHAMPOOS Dogs are messy and everybody knows it well. They love to roll around in the mud and seem to have no problem walking around covered in filth. Though they don’t mind smelling to high heaven, to our delicate olfactory sense, their odor can become something of an issue. There is, however,