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How Should Kids Handle Guinea Pig Aggression?

Guinea pigs are a favorite pick for a kid’s pet. After all, they have a reputation for being adorable little furry friends. Furthermore, they are least known for their aggressiveness. Guinea pigs are also popular because they don’t cost much. In fact, you can buy one from a pet store for only $40-$60. However, even gentle

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Olympians And Their Exotic Pals

We all enjoyed the Olympic games and the great spirit of Olympians was undoubtedly worth a salute. They have received tremendous support and love from their fans all over the world. But do you really know? They also have their biggest fans cheering from their own home as well.  Here I am not talking about

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Guinea Pigs or Rabbits?

Guinea pigs and rabbits are famous among kids, teenagers and people of all age groups. This is because of their small size, dense fur and adorable looks. These pets are also low maintenance than dogs and cats. This article shall list out the advantage and disadvantages of having Guinea pigs and rabbits. Thereby, helping you