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Dog Clothing – How To Measure Up Your Dog For A New Coat & Other Clothing

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With the passing time, the definition of clothing has changed and also the fashion industry has exaggerated and spread its paws towards the pet industry as well. Either it is dog designer dresses, dog winter apparels, dog jackets, dog shirts and t-shirts, dog sweaters etc., there is a wide range of varieties available. Dog clothing is available from expensive to cheap rates.

A dog owner seems swimming in the wide range of dog clothing but on the other side getting the perfect measurement for their dog clothes seems too daunting for them. We almost every alternate day come across with many dog owners  who are dwindling around and asking how do I measure my dog clothing for a perfect fit?

Dog clothing not only adds up a fashion statement but also protect the dog from the changing climate, making them comfortable and safe. Dog sweaters keep them warm during winters, dog raincoats keep them dry during rains, dog t-shirts let them enjoy the summer to the fullest and last but not the least dog designer clothing adds panache to their look. But if the same does not come in perfect size will definitely give an improper look to your dog. An improper look can be dangerous.

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So, here I will help you to get the perfect measurement  for your dog clothing –

I. Basic Size Chart – 

Basic size guide

Unlike humans dogs too come in various sizes and physiques. So, choosing your dog clothing on the basis of their breed might give considerable results. For your reference, we have created a small infographic. Take the help of above image.

II. Avoid Size Range –

2016-11-22 (1)Small(S), medium(M), large(L), extra large(XL) are basic size chart for clothing. But these sizes can also be deceptive and confusing as well. The concept of generalizing the size and measurement of dog clothing has to be different for the manufacturers.

III. Actual Measurement –

dog measurement

The only thumb rule to measure dog clothing is to measure the exact size of your dog’s body. That is your dog’s actual measurement. This will be the ideal guideline in knowing the measurement of dog’s clothing.

IV. Measurement Terminology –

This diagram will help you to identify the measurement terminology –

measurement dog clothing

Dog’s back – the part of the dog’s body which starts from the neck and ends up in the tail. In easy terms, it can be said as the top line.

V. Gather Supplies For The Measurement Of Dog Clothing –

tools 1

The dog – the first and foremost thing

A flat surface – where you will make the dog to stand

A measuring tool –  a measuring tape generally used by tailors

Pen and paper – to note down the measurements

Treats – dogs are always active. So to make them stand sturdy and still, you need to offer them plenty of treats as rewards.

• A friend or assistant – to help you in taking the measurement more comfortably

VI. Posture –

postureMake your dog stand straight with head and tail up. Equally, make sure that all the four legs of your dog are placed normally on the flat surface. Take the help of the diagram.

VII. Start The Measurement Of Your Dog Clothing –

dog clothing

a. Make sure your dog is standing nice and upright straight. Begin your measurement  from the neck to the beginning of the tail with the measuring tape. Write down the measurement on the piece of paper.

b. Revise again – it might raise your eyebrows as already you suffered the whole daunting process. But it  is always to be sure. All clothing are not returnable and the process of exchange is also irritating.

Note – While taking the measurement of your dog clothing, make sure you are not doing it very tightly or trying to be exactly accurate. Take the measurement little loose. Improper fit not only gives an unappealing look to your dog but might result in some health issues like uneasiness, breathing problems, restlessness etc.

VIII. Getting The Right Size Clothing For You Dog –

a. As after following the mentioned guidelines you will be having the measurement of your dog’s body from neck to tail (beginning of the tail) and the measurement of your dog’s chest on a piece of paper.

b. You have reached a point where you can start your search for dog clothing as the measurement of your dog’s clothing is in your hands.

c. Once selected the dog clothes, go to the size chart.

d. Compare and choose the size based on the measurements you have taken of your dog’s body.

IX. If Confused With The Size Variations –

As already mentioned regarding the concept of generalizing the size and measurement of dog clothing will  be different for the manufacturers. Here helping you to avoid the common confusions likewise –Perefect dog clothing

a. Between two sizes – it is advised to go with the larger size.

b. If your dog is little stout or chunky – generally the body size might match but if your dog is little fat or heavy then you should skip to the larger size and vice-a-versa.

c. Buy them – I am sure, now you will be able to make a best possible choice for your dog’s clothes. So grab the best one you like.

X. These Examples Will Help You To Get The Measurement Even More Accurate –


a. If your dog’s body measurement is 22″ inches then you can easily go for the clothing with 22″inches.

b. If your dog’s body measurement is 22″ inches but your dog is little fat it is better to go for 24″inches or also 26″inches.

Note – It is always advised to go for one extra size as it is difficult to get the accurate body measurement of your dog in terms of clothing.

► Even if you are unsure of the measurement of your dog’s clothing then just take a picture along with the measurement and  email us or also you can WhatsApp us on 8106360786. We will help you with suggesting the best possible size on the basis of the measurement you have taken.

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