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German Shepherd Dog Breed Information, Growth and Sale

People often try asking here and there or consider doing some research before getting home a pup, especially on some purpose- well it is a good thing, being informed about the little guy who you are going to make a part of your family. Now that you have landed on the right page, read on for the detailed German Shepherd price in India as well as German Shepherd review you’ve been looking for!

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale And German Shepherd Price In India

German Shepherd price in India varies by and large depending on the breeder and place you are buying from. An average price of German Shepherd in India comes around Rs.15000 to Rs.20000. If you are looking for a perfect pup, then you might like to avoid buying from a Dog mill or animal farms. While sometimes the Alsatian dog price can be lower there, in order to prevent any possible hereditary disease or other unwanted traits, we would recommend buying from licensed, reliable breeders.


Speaking of German Shepherds pups for sale in India, you can always rely on MarshallsPetZone for getting a healthy, perfect furry baby for yourself or your family. Dealing with fully certified and authorized breeders, we personally and precisely inspect our pups before they are made a part of your family. Simply get in touch with us for buying an original German shepherd puppy, all easy and hassle-free. We’ll be dealing with all the formalities and check-ups ourselves.

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German Shepherd Dog Information

Before we discuss anything about buying German Shepherds, you first need to have a clear picture of this dog breed in your mind. Read on to know some important German shepherd facts as well as the nature of GSD.

German Shepherd Is A Good Family Dog or Not?

German shepherd Dogs are always up in any list of ‘Loyal and Trusted Dog Breeds’. Ranking third among the intelligent dog breeds, they are deemed to be perfect for any purpose- whether you are getting one as a service dog or a guard dog or a family dog, the breed will make up for it all. While German Shepherds are largely considered among the aggressive and dangerous dog breeds, they can easily be trained to be at their best. And, given their intelligence level, they would catch things up in no time. They are very good with kids and are the perfect combination of a family and kid friendly dog as well as a security dog.

While they can be trained to be friendlier, you must still note that they could still be unfriendly to strangers, and may not really be very ‘tolerant’ of other pets.

German Shepherd Appearance

  • Wrinkle-free face
  • Almond eyes
  • Upright pointed ears
  • Black, long nose
  • Broad chest
  • Straight back and legs, well-arched feet
  • Low-set bushy tail
  • Black and tan color coat
  • Regular shedding

German Shepherd Dog Facts

German Shepherd Height: 22 to 26 inches in case of Males; 22 to 24 inches in case of Females

German Shepherd Weight: 35 Kg to 40 Kg (77 Lbs to 88 Lbs)

Approximate Life Span: 11 to 13 years

Least obesity issues

Approximate Litter size: 6 to 10

Third most intelligent dog breed, and also one of the most popular dog breed

Sometimes referred to as Alsatian Dogs

Daring, protective and strong

You can read some other interesting and unknown dog facts .

Should I Get A German Shepherd?

German Shepherd, being a large, highly intelligent and active dog breed, qualifies for many purposes. Given their strong protective as well as aggressive traits, they make excellent guards. They can be patient if trained and are quite understanding which makes German Shepherds ideal service dogs, therapy dogs and guide dogs. So there need not be a second thought if you are planning on bringing a German shepherd home for any of these purposes. However, please do reconsider it if all you are looking for is a pet to pat and play when you feel like- German Shepherds are no couch potatoes and definitely no lap dogs.

Is German Shepherd Safe To Be Kept Around Children?

Given their aggressive nature, it will be genuine for to-be pet parents to strongly consider this point if they have small kids in their house. Children tend to unknowingly or ignorantly do things that could potentially irk the dog. Well, if you train German Shepherds, they are going to be absolutely great with children. In fact, they would rather be protective and careful about them, and would eventually develop a very strong bond.

So don’t worry bringing home a German Shepherd Pup even if you have children. With the amazing intelligence level and loyalty they’ve got, you just need to train them and then forget worrying.

Things To Consider While Buying A German Shepherd:

Space :

While German shepherds are apartment friendly breeds, they still need enough room to move around and stretch their legs; plus they are large dogs and not toy breeds that can fit right in your lap. So if you have a 1BHK where sofa is over the bed, you might want to, umm, think over your decision to bring home a new German Shepherd.

Maintenance :

Yet another important thing to consider when you bring a German Shepherd home. You need to follow healthy German shepherd diets and training, regular vet check-ups and much more. Simply put- German Shepherd dog is high maintenance.

Training And Time Requirements :

As mentioned earlier, German Shepherd needs to be trained, for the purpose you are bringing him home, for controlling his aggression etc. You need to consider whether you will be able to train him or if you can find a right trainer around. Besides, holding a history of being used in guarding and hunting, German Shepherd is a very energetic breed and would need some considerable time and attention from you, at least until they are trained. Definitely not a good idea if you are considering locking him up while you are out!

German Shepherd Health Issues :

GSD(German Shepherd), is a large dog breed, is seen to be more prone to hip dysplasia and Arthritis.  These are serious joint diseases that, if left unattended at the very initial stages, may even end up requiring surgeries. Degenerative myelopathy, a paralyzing condition, as well as ‘Bloats’ holds the same stats. A variety of heart problems, chronic diarrhea, vision issues, digestive and bleeding disorders are also observed among this breed commonly.

Speaking generally, just like other dog breeds, even German Shepherds are open to allergies including food allergies, Flea and Tick infections, contact allergies etc.

So you must watch for the early symptoms related to these diseases in your dog and must get them dealt-with at the earliest. You must choose a healthy food brand and must provide them with adequate nutritional supplements, have fixed sessions with your vet, create an ideal German Shepherd diet chart discussing with your vet and stick to the GSD food chart so recommended. Follow the best dog health care practices. Take note of exercising your German Shepherd regularly after discussing the right exercises with the vet.

A good deal of these problems comes as genetic, so it is best that you stick to a good breeder. Moreover, a good breeder would be transparent about the problems that are relatively more often seen in their line of GSDs, so you can take all the required precautions in advance.

Choosing The Best Dog Food For German Shepherd Dog

The best food for the German shepherd to gain weight certainly matters his long-term health. It is important that you choose a good and reliable brand that can ensure his proper growth and development, that can boost his natural defense traits, that is basically a perfect blend of all the required nutrients and must be a complete diet for your German Shepherd pup. Read our article on puppy feeding for the more detailed understanding of puppy feeding on german shepherd dietIndiann.

Here are some of our recommended Dog food brands that are proven to offer the best food for German Shepherd puppies.

 German Shepherd Food Chart:


German Shepherd Diet Chart In Hindi: 


Arden Grange :

Arden Grange, of course, is one of the top, reliable dog food brand, especially counted on for large dog breeds. Rich in value and nutritional supply, breeders often recommend this one, and opting for Arden Grange will be an important investment you make in your dog’s health. Moreover, there are hardly any customers upset with Arden Grange!

Arden Grange product range for different stages:

Royal Canin :

Another of the well-reputed dog food brand is Royal Canin. Well the best thing here, is that they have products specifically manufactured for some specific breeds as well, including German Shepherd Dog.

Royal Canin products for different stages:

Pedigree :

Relatively economical, you can also consider Pedigree for your pooch. However, the product may not really be a make-up for Arden Grange or Royal Canin.

Pedigree product range for different stages:

Other Top Dog Food Brands Available With Marshallspetzone:

Suggested here were mostly the ideal low fat, rich protein food that is suitably deemed for German Shepherds. However, in case your pup’s underweight, the best food for German Shepherd to Gain Weight would be food with high-fat content.

German Shepherd Favorite treats:

German Shepherd Growth chart

German Shepherd Growth Chart

You can read more about puppy growth and development.

Difference Between a German Shepherd And Alsatian Dog

Now and then, you might have heard that a GSD and Alsatian are different. Wondering what’s the difference between both? Let us tell you here, in fact, in one word- nothing. Both the names refer to one and the same breed, and there is no difference in shade or size of what is known as Alsatian or German Shepherd. The name ‘Alsatian’ (derived from Alsace located in German-France border) came into existence in an attempt to eradicate the word ‘German’ by Germany’s enemies everywhere post World War II. The word Spread to India due to the country’s history of having ruled by British, who referred to German Shepherds as Alsatians.



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