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Golden Retriever Puppy For Sale – How Much They Cost And Why?

Beautiful, intelligent, social and easy to train, there is no wonder why golden retriever is so popular. To all the dog admirers who’re bringing home a Goldie, here is everything you need to know about this popular dog breed.

They were originally bred for hunting but now by passing the time, they can be a companion dog, sniffer dog, rescue dog, guide, and therapy dog as well. Undoubtedly, making them one of the most popular dog breed. Golden retrievers are often used for search and rescue teams by police and other law enforcement bodies because of their keen sense of smell and tracking abilities. Temperament of golden retrievers is considered as the trademark because they are friendly, charming, patient and kind too. They are also considered as the most excellent family dogs in the world.

Let me introduce you with the Golden retriever and surely you will get one home.

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale: Price In India

Around the price range of Rs.20000 to Rs.25000, you can buy a Golden Retriever in India. You might be able to purchase Golden Retrievers at low price from local breeders or puppy mills easily, but you need to consider the future costs that will incur if you are bringing home a pup with negative traits or genetic problems. You can avoid any such problems in your homecoming fur-baby by buying a Golden Retriever from a reliable and certified breeder. Moreover, this way, you can be sure of bringing home original Golden retriever puppy.

You can rely on Marshalls PetZone as a certified breeder. We have been, for years now, successfully making healthy puppies a part of families in search of these loyal companions. As a certified breeder, we inspect and ensure the health of the puppies ourselves before we bring them to you. Contact Marshalls Petzone representatives here:

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 Everything You Need To Know About Goldies: Quick Golden Retriever Breed Information And Facts

Golden Retriever Nature:

Very friendly and social, golden retrievers are one of those lovable breeds that can serve a wide range of purposes, including being a service or guiding dog, sniffer, therapy dog or simply,family dog. They are large and athletic, always cheerful and enthusiastic and certainly beautiful. Moreover, intelligent as they are, Golden Retrievers are quite responsive to training- in other words, they are quite easy to train.

Well, they mouth a lot- we won’t say it’s a negative trait (I personally find it adorable!). And yeah, sometimes these golden fellows are over-enthusiastic- asking for all your love and attention.

Golden Retriever Physique And Appearance:

Golden retrieverFor those who are willing to know more about the appearance of Golden retriever, here is to you.

  • Medium, large sized breed
  • No Wrinkles
  • Thick and feathery tail
  • Oval Shaped, Brown eyes
  • Short, hung down, folded ears.
  • Cream or Rich Golden colour
  • Possibility of fur tangles
  • Black or Brownish Black nose
  • Straight back and legs
  • Webbed feet
  • Broad chest
  • Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers. With very rare exceptions, Goldies love swimming instinctively.
  • They are not only known to care for their humans, but also for other animals!
  • You don’t want to leave these breeds alone for long- they tends to get depressed when left alone. (That’s an alert for working people!)
  • They are fourth most smart dog breeds in the world.
  • In addition to being smart, Golden Retrievers have exceptional sense of smell and tracking, which largely qualifies them to be a part of various search/rescue teams

Interesting Golden Retriever Facts:

  • Golden Retrievers are natural swimmers. With very rare exceptions, Goldies love swimming instinctively.
  • They are not only known to care for their humans, but also for other animals!
  • You don’t want to leave these breeds alone for long- they tends to get depressed when left alone. (That’s an alert for working people!)
  • They are fourth most smart dog breeds in the world.
  • In addition to being smart, Golden Retrievers have exceptional sense of smell and tracking, which largely qualifies them to be a part of various search/rescue teams

You can read some more interesting and unknown dog facts here.

Golden Retriever Growth Chart

Golden Retriever Growth ChartPet parents often show interest in knowing the age-wise or week-wise or month-wise puppy growth process. Given below is the Golden Retriever Growth Chart in Kilograms (Kg.) as well as pounds (Lb.). As you can see in this Retriever weight chart, golden retrievers come in a wide range of sizes. While some could be big enough to make it into the large dog breed category, some are quite small.

Age Male Golden Retriever Weight Female Golden Retriever weight
2 Months 4-25 Lb. (2.5-11 Kg.) 5-15 Lb. (3-7 Kg.)
4 Months 12-45 Lb. (6.5-21 Kg.) 20-40 Lb. (9-18 Kg.)
6 Months 35-72 Lb. (16- 33 Kg.) 30-58 Lb. (14-26 Kg.)
8 Months 40-75 Lb. (18-34 Kg.) 38-65 Lb. (17- 29.5 Kg.)
10 Months 50-80 Lb. (23- 38 Kg.) 46-73 Lb. (21-33 Kg.)
12 Months 65-80 Lb. (29.5- 38 Kg.) 50-90 Lb. (23-41 Kg.)

Know more about puppy growth and development here.

Golden Retriever Heath Problems

Cancer tops the list of commonly found health problems in Golden Retrievers- about 50 per cent of the breed is surveyed to develop cancer. Some kind of skin diseases are also found commonly occurring among the breed, including chronic skin allergies, tumours or cysts, growths and seborrhea. Further, joint and leg problems including Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, tearing leg ligaments,  etc. are largely noticed among Golden retrievers.Other major health concerns in Golden Retrievers include Cataract, heart diseases, Epilepsy etc.

Golden Retriever Bad Health Causes

There can be multiple reasons leading to bad health of your pup. Many a times, the diseases are purely genetic or inherited. Getting your puppy from a reliable breeder is the best solution you have here. Other major causes of bad puppy health include inappropriate diet or inadequate nutritional supplies, over-exercising or over-exercising or poor physical activities (causing obesity and related joint problems) etc. Many of the issues can be prevented or tackled easy by regular check-ups, and by noticing early symptoms of any disease.

Avoiding Skin Conditions In Golden Retrievers

We recommend keeping the coat of your pup under check. Get into a proper dog grooming and care routine. Bath and clean him regularly and brush him even more frequently. Use good quality, harmless cleaning products as recommended by your vet. Some of the products we recommend are Biogroom Shampoo, Forbis Long Coat Aloe Dog Shampoo, Tropiclean Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Pawzone shampoo and conditioners etc. Check out for exclusive offers on Pawzone shampoos and conditioners. Using harsh products on your pet’s coat could develop skin irritations and related problems. Keep a close eye to notice any bumps, rashes, skin problems or abnormalities developing, and get it treated at the earliest.

Choosing The Best Food For Golden Retrievers: Golden Retriever Food Chart

As discussed above, inappropriate food and inadequate supplements are some of the major causes of poor dog health. So, in order to keep your Golden Retriever healthy and perfect, choosing the best Golden retriever food is crucial.

Here in this Golden Retriever dog food chart, we have simplified the food product range and brands you can prefer for your Goldy at different stage of his life. You can have a better insight of the ideal puppy feeding regime in our Puppy feeding guide, and choose best food for golden retriever puppies and adults.

Age Arden Grange Farmina Royal Canin Pedigree Focus
Up to 3 months Weaning Puppy Starter Maxi Starter Mother & Pup Starter
Up to 15 months Puppy Junior Large Breed Puppy Maxi Golden Retriever Junior 3Kg/Maxi Junior Puppy Large Breed Puppy
Above 15 months Adult Large Breed Adult Golden Retriever Adult 12 Kg /Maxi Adult Active Adult Adult

Golden Retriever Feed Chart

golden retriever FEED CHART 6-6-18

Golden Retriever Feed Chart Hindi

golden retriviewr FEED CHART 6-6-18 hindi

Top Dog Food Brands For Golden Retriever:

For ensuring that you are offering complete diet and adequate nutrients to your precious fur ball, it is important that you choose the right food brand for him. These are our top Dog food brand recommendations.

Golden Retriever Puppy Food upto 3-Months

Arden Grange:

Doubtlessly one of the best-selling and most reliable dog food brands, Arden grange offers a wide range of choices. Over 2 decades old, the brand is widely trusted upon for high quality and hypoallergenic pet food, manufactured precisely to match all nutritional and health requirement of pets.

Royal Canin:

Something that makes Royal Canin stand out from the crowd of dog food brands available out there is that they have food formulated for particular breeds.You can count on Royal Canin for good quality, nutrient rich Golden retriever food.


Another brand that produces healthy dog food at a reasonable rate is Farmina.

Golden Retriever Dog Food from 4- 15 months.

Golden Retriever Food above 15+months.

FAQs on Golden Retrievers

Should I Buy A Golden Retriever Puppy?

Why get a Golden Retriever? Simply because of all the positive traits they have. Whether for therapy, or for services or sniffing-finding tasks or simply as a family dog, they make excellent companions.

However, you might want to consider that as an active, large dog breed, they need some space as well as time. Another thing to consider is their shedding, which happen throughout the year- manageable though (and nothing when weight against the tonnes of positive traits they carry!)

Are There Any Disadvantages Of ‘cons’ Of Buying A Golden Retriever?

It can’t be called disadvantage, but you might want to consider these traits of golden retrievers:

  • Heavy and regular shedding.
  • Some health issues
  • Mouthing- a part of their friendly nature
  • Excessive energy- needs their own playing and exercising sessions

Is Golden Retriever Safe Around Children And Elderly?

Friendly companions as they are, Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds you can make part of your family if you have children. They are exceptionally patient, especially once trained. So you would hardly need to worry about leaving your child around a Goldy.

When Do Golden Retrievers Attain Adulthood?

Golden retrievers attain physical maturity around the age of 1 year. (Could be a little early or late for some fellows, don’t panic!)

What Are Some Of The Best Treats For Golden Retrievers?

As explained before, Goldie’s are quite responsive to training and love to please its owners. These treats will make the training process more fun and easy. Here are some that we recommend.

Golden Retriever Vs. Labrador: Which Dog Breed Is better?

Golden Retriever or Labrador? Well this depends on your preferences, otherwise, both these retriever guys are almost the same. Golden retrievers are quite friendly, intelligent and lovable, and Labradors are about the same too. Both the breeds rank high as preferred family dogs and both share similar nature and pretty lot of characteristics.Difference basically exist in their appearance and colours. Goldies might need more grooming and care than Labs, and might be less costlier to buy. For too confused souls- there is Golden Retriever Lab mix as well!

What Are Some Popular Golden Retriever Names?

Here are some of the most common Golden Retriever names

  • Rusty
  • Goldy
  • Charlie
  • Ginger
  • Teddy
  • Brady
  • Molly
  • Daisy
  • Abby
  • Cassidy
  • Gracie.

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