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Guinea Pigs or Rabbits?

Guinea pigs and rabbits are famous among kids, teenagers and people of all age groups. This is because of their small size, dense fur and adorable looks. These pets are also low maintenance than dogs and cats. This article shall list out the advantage and disadvantages of having Guinea pigs and rabbits. Thereby, helping you to decide which pet will suit you better.


Guinea pigs

Advantages of Guinea Pigs

They enjoy living in pairs and love to have companion guinea pigs. They won’t hesitate to come out of their hideouts when you enter the room. Guinea pigs are smaller and less expensive than rabbits and take up less room. They are active throughout the day and night, sleeping in shifts. Their average lifespan is five to seven years. You also will not have to spend extensively on their diets. For them, a treat is a piece of parsley, zucchini or perhaps a piece of sweet potato. They are thirsty creatures, and they can run through a great deal of water each day.

Disadvantages of Guinea Pigs

Children of a younger age group cannot handle guinea pigs. Be it patience or socialization training, these rodents need owners who are mature enough to understand their requirements. Guinea pigs can be noisy and smelly. They need to be cleaned often. Guinea pigs can suffer from a number of health issues, such as anal impaction, that require constant care as they get older.

Cute-Rabbit-Pictures                                                                                                  Rabbits

Advantages of Rabbits

They are smart and can live up to around 10 years. They are great companion animals and can be trained to use litter boxes. Under supervision, they can go around the living room, similar to a dog or cat. Rabbits come in a variety of sizes and weigh less than 4 pounds.

Disadvantages of Rabbits

Rabbits take up more space than guinea pigs and other small rodents. They are mostly nocturnal. Your home must be bunny-proofed by covering all electrical cords with PVC/tubing and keeping plants off the floor. One of the most frustrating bunny behaviors is that they like to dig and chew, especially carpet and wood molding.

Guinea pigs and rabbits both make suitable pets. Where guinea pigs are happy being in their cages, rabbits prefer going about the place whenever possible. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding which pet to pick.

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