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Labrador Puppies For Sale – How much does they cost and why?

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Labrador – obedient, agile, trustworthy, affectionate, caring, children friendly all these go very well as synonyms for this particular breed. This breed has the kind of versatile breed. They can be a companion dog as well as a hunting dog, show dog, guide dog, service dog, therapy dog, sniffer dogs, and rescue dog. No doubt these makes lab the most popular dog breed or I must say the best breed ever. Let me introduce the more than famous dog breed and surely you will end up getting one home.

Lab’s appears to be medium-large, solid, active, athletic. The canine has a broad head with emotional brown hazel eyes, large nose, strong back, straight legs with webbed feets and the chest extends to the elbow. The distinguishing characteristic of this breed is their “otter” tails. No doubt the tail looks really cute.

Labrador puppies


One can easily purchase labrador puppy in between the range of Rs. 14,000 to Rs.16,000 in Visakhapatnam. It is always suggested to buy these dogs from a well certified and original breeder. Never purchase from mills, animal farms or puppy farms.You can save yourself from negative traits of a dog by choosing the right breeder and right puppy. In order to save your homecoming puppy from unwanted and hereditary diseases, it is strictly advised to check health certificates of puppy parents and the puppy as well.


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