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Parrots are the best buddies I would suggest you. Must be thinking why?

This is for the reason that, they end up being a lifelong companion and we all want someone who is always there alongside us. Yes, they have a huge life span some can live up to 80 years. Unbelievable right? Yes, they can. They may outlive you as well. The second reason I would say will be on the entertainment level. They are just the utmost entertainer, they can talk to you, they can do tricks as well, mimic, whistles, some do really hilarious kinds of stuff. And if trained properly they can out past your expectations trust me.

Lifespan 20 – 80 years
Size 3.5 in – 40 in
Weight 65g – 1.6 kgs
Medium – Large parrots High Vocal
Small parrots Low

If you want to buy a parrot? Here I would recommend you some tips that will definitely help you in selecting the best bird and their proper accommodation.

Take a quick view on the Features of a healthy Parrot

Eyes Lively
Feathers Tight (close to the body)
Sleep Usual (not more not less)
Appetite Good
Nose or mouth discharge A big NO

Cage the most important article to select. A mere wrong selection can definitely result in an adverse effect on the health primarily. Here take a note –

Size of cage Depends on the size of parrot
Near windows/Doors No
Sunlight No
Out of the cage Once a day
Supervision Full
Friendliness Avoid

Now, what size of parrot do you want to share your life with? Because they are going to be with you whole life and even outlive you. A simple suggestion makes sure if in case the parrot outlives you who will be there to take care of your birdie. It’s just not taking care, it is a responsibility to be carried out.

Homely parrots can be easily categorized in small, medium and large size. It completely depends on whom you want to take home. Making your work easier, here I am sharing a quick view of parrots and some related facts you should know. Check these out.


  • Meyer’s parrot
  • Poicephalus
  • Senegal
Particulars Meyer’s Parrot Poicephalus Senegal
SIZE 8-9 inches 8-9 inches Up to 9 inches
LIFE SPAN Up to 20 years Up to 30 years 30 + years
COLOR Green/Brown Green/Red/Brown Yellow-vented
VOCAL Quiet Quieter Calm
INTERACTION Social Social Social
PERSONALITY Easy going Shy Very sweet
TEMPERAMENT Stable Normal Affectionate
DIET Balanced Balanced Balanced
HEALTH CONCERN Fungal infection Weight loss Weight loss


  • African gray parrot
  • Amazon parrots
  • Pionus Parrots
  • Vasa parrots

Whereas Amazon parrot can be further categorized as

  • Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots
  • Orange-winged Amazon parrots
  • Yellow-naped Amazon parrots
Particulars African Grey Parrot Pionus Parrots Vasa parrots
SIZE 13 inches 10-12 inches 20 inches
LIFE SPAN 30 + years 30 + years Upto 30 years
COLOR Grey Blue/Green Black/Grey
VOCAL Outstanding Crystal clear Base
INTERACTION High Social Social
PERSONALITY Attractive Easy going Curious
TEMPERAMENT Sensitive Calm Relatively Quiet
DIET Balanced Good eater Avid eater
HEALTH CONCERN Calcium,Vit.A/D . Feather deficiency, Respiratory infection Vit.A deficiency, Fungal infection Beak & Feather diseases


Particulars Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots Orange-winged Amazon parrots Yellow-naped Amazon parrots
SIZE 15-17 inches Up to 13 inches Up to 14 inches
LIFE SPAN Upto 30 years Up to 30 years 30 + years
COLOR Green Green/Orange Green
VOCAL Communicator Noisiest Loud
INTERACTION Social Social Social
PERSONALITY Active Mellow Wonderful
TEMPERAMENT Calm Quiet Active
DIET Hardy appetite Couch potatoes Couch potatoes
HEALTH CONCERN Obesity, Vit.A deficiency Obesity, Vit.A deficiency Vit.A deficiency,nasal discharge,fluffed feathers,weight loss


  • Cape
  • Macau
Particulars Cape Macau
SIZE 13 inches 12 inches
LIFE SPAN 40-60 years 30 + Years
COLOR Colorful Blue/green/red
VOCAL Loud Very good
PERSONALITY Stubborn Easy going
TEMPERAMENT Playful Playful
DIET Food nomad Balanced
HEALTH CONCERN Injury prone Feather disease


Hope you are ready with the species you want to make your best buddy let’s go further and know about their food and treats.

Food should be given once a day but when it comes to treats it should be given on a periodical basis in a day and also as a reward. Remember overdose of these can cause serious health issues. So don’t make them couch potatoes.

Water is also very important. Your prime focus should be on the water as well. Make sure the water is sterilized and it should be changed on a daily basis. Make it your routine. Cleanliness is very important my friend make sure you clean the birdhouse weekly.

Suggested food for your darling buddies: –ZuPreem Fruit Blend Premium FoodVitapol Sensitive Food For Parrot.

Apart from these – fresh vegetables, fruits peanuts, cooked fish, beef, cheese, and other human food.

There is a need to hold on chocolate and avocado as they are really dangerous and can cause the death of parrots.


Birds love a variety of toys and invariance and same with parrots as well. There are a variety of toys available online as well as in stores just make sure it doesn’t hurt their beak, feathers. We will never want our small birdie in pain. The natural material made up of toy should be preferred mostly. A constant check should be done on toys, if they are damaged they should be removed instantly. For the time being you can easily make toys made up of household items like cardboard, paper, towels, toilet papers mean to say which can be easy torn.

While choosing the color to make sure the toy is colorful, bright as the colors we see are considerably less when compared to a parrot. The taste should stimulate the palate. When it comes to toys with the sound it should be appealable, not nasty. Once your parrot gets easy going with the toys and loves them, you should try giving them challenges like ladders, problem-solving, puzzles. They are intelligent trust me.

Suggested toys are:- Pawzone Hanging Bird Toy, Trixie Natural Toy on a Sisal Rope for Bird.


Parrots are born intelligent. They can easily catch common words which are being used in the family. They can be easily taught tricks, mimics, whistles something different the way you like. You must be thinking how to train them? Will it be tough?

No need to stress out here I am suggesting an easy way out that is going to definitely help you.

  • Make sure you are free and in a jovial mood
  • It should be all positive
  • Treat or pat them as an appreciation
  • Don’t nag on them if they are doing wrong
  • Try to ignore


  • Parrot dropping if you observe once just rush to the veterinarian
  • Bowls must be changed frequently
  • Water must be sterilized
  • Cage should be clean weekly
  • No overdose of food and treats
  • They should be allowed off the cage once a day
  • Try to have a conversation with them
  • Keep toys inside the cage to make them active

Suggested Health Supplements:- Nekton E 35 GB V.E.S for Birds, Nekton Small 35 GB M.S for Birds. (should be given as prescribed)


  • Parrots are species, not breeds.
  • There are about 353 species of them around the world.
  • They are incredibly intelligent.
  • They are the only bird that can pick their food with their feet and bring to mouth in order to eat.
  • Some of them can live up to 80 years.
  • Kakapo is the world’s largest parrot weighing nine pounds and two feet long cannot fly.
  • Kea the only alpine parrot in the world lives in the coldest region. And also known as Kakapo’s cousin.
  • Cockatoos can move the feathers on their heads.
  • They are the most popular pets because of their lovely looks.
  • They are the amusing ones also if well trained.
  • In some species, a blood test is required to identify the male and female.
  • They mate for life.
  • African gray parrots are the best mimics, but wild parrots neither imitate nor mimics.
  • Some of the species like night parrot, Lear’s macaw, the owl parrot are critically endangered.
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