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Puppy Feeding – A Complete Guide

pet nail clippers and trimmersWhen a puppy is coming home, there are lots of excitement, fun clubbed with confusion and stress. We have noticed there is a long list of questions our support team experiences regarding the feeding guidelines of a puppy. Hence, decided to UN-layer the feeding guideline of your puppy so that you can greet your homecoming puppy wholeheartedly.

Here in this article the comprehensive feeding guideline has been discussed with tables and info graphics and explained in such a way, it makes uncomplicated for you to follow the routine. Even if you bump into any kind of worries or get dwindled feel free to :

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When a puppy comes home he is just a few weeks old and I should say a baby coming home. So, the first question that worries every puppy owner is what should they feed to the puppy? Shall they start the new food or carry on with the old one? Here is the answer. As puppy has delicate digestive system hence, it is advised not to disturb the same and go on with the same food given to him. The old food should be given for a particular which means for a week and later the old food should be mixed with the new food. There is a range of food available for puppies in the form of starter which comes in the form of powder (cereal) and as well as dry form.


puppy feeding guideline up to 3 months

puppy feeding guidelines


1. Feed your puppy at the same place and same time.
2. Don’t offer food from table while eating
3. Feed your puppy after you and your family has done with the meal
4. Avoid your puppy jumping about 1-2 hours of eating
5. Always keep water available in a bowl for the puppy throughout the day.

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