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Breed Profile : A Comprehensive List Of Dogs & Cats

Looking for a perfect pet for you? Then here you go. We have listed the most popular dogs and cats breed information. Crawl and choose a pet of your choice by just exploring our list below - 1. BEAGLE Breed - Hound Weight - 6-8 Kgs Height - 30-32 cms Color - Tri-color Distinct feature

Let’s Know Salman Khan’s Adorable Bond With His Pets!

Salman Khan is a big fame and a big name. I don't think we need any introduction for this man. We all are aware of his recognition but very few of us are aware of the immense love he shares with his pets. The world needs to know this relationship. So let us be familiar with more

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6 Amazing Bollywood Movies, Every Dog Lover Must Watch!

Unlike Hollywood, there are rare movies in Bollywood which have focused on dogs. So this time we decided to explore the diamonds out. When we started our dig we found these six super remarkable movies created by our very own tinsel town. Certainly, these movies were blockbusters and truly deserve applause. Undeniably, the overall credit

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Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

It is important to understand the grooming and maintenance requirements of a dog before bringing it home. If you feel you cannot spend enough time with your pet but are still eager to bring one home, then don’t worry. Read on the compilation of the top 4 low maintenance dogs. Boston Terrier- Known for being well

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