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Products That Help After Post Surgery Of Pets

Surgery is something which can fright even us being a human being, so it can do the same with pets as well. Surgery leads us to post-surgery care which is an imperative task that requires utmost care and concern. It is hard to visualize your loving pet undergoing a surgery and is heartbreaking too. But

Alia Bhatt Is In Love Again With Someone Really Adorable!

Yes, you heard it right. Alia Bhatt herself has admitted and flaunted her new lover all over the internet. We were also stunned after listening to this news. No wonder so many hearts got broken too. So we decided to look into the core which flabbergasted us more. And we were left with nothing but

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Puppy Feeding – A Complete Guide

When a puppy is coming home, there are lots of excitement, fun clubbed with confusion and stress. We have noticed there is a long list of questions our support team experiences regarding the feeding guidelines of a puppy. Hence, decided to UN-layer the feeding guideline of your puppy so that you can greet your homecoming

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

Most of the Dog owners might not be friendly with the word mange. Whereas with the title itself, it is almost clear that mange is a disease as it speaks about symptoms and treatments. So, let me elaborate it for your easy understanding. Mange is a skin infection caused by several species or tiny mites,common

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How to tell if your dog is stressed?

We all have emotions and we display it as per the circumstances. If we are happy we laugh and if we are sad we often cry. These are the same with the dogs. They do have emotions and they do show them, but it is us who sometimes are not able to comprehend their mindset.

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Leash Train Your Dog This Way

Training to walk on a leash is the first lesson you teach your puppy. It is also one of the most desired training which a puppy witness in his initial ages. One should be aware of the basic training manners. It's a myth that dogs know how to walk politely but this is a particular skill that

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How to prevent your dog from heatstroke.

Heatstroke – in very simple terms, it can be sentenced as - when the temperature of the body leaves the safer zone. This particular hitch is getting common nowadays in dogs. The foremost reason behind heatstroke is that dogs don’t have the ability to sweat, they start to pant but panting generally doesn't help them

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If you are a fish lover, you will definitely have the same opinion with me, that sitting next to the aquarium relieves all the worries and always pops a smile watching these stunning creatures swimming. A small session is enough and you end up sticking to the aquarium for hours even not realizing the time.

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Olympians And Their Exotic Pals

We all enjoyed the Olympic games and the great spirit of Olympians was undoubtedly worth a salute. They have received tremendous support and love from their fans all over the world. But do you really know? They also have their biggest fans cheering from their own home as well.  Here I am not talking about

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