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Breed Profile : A Comprehensive List Of Dogs & Cats

Looking for a perfect pet for you? Then here you go. We have listed the most popular dogs and cats breed information. Crawl and choose a pet of your choice by just exploring our list below - 1. BEAGLE Breed - Hound Weight - 6-8 Kgs Height - 30-32 cms Color - Tri-color Distinct feature

German Shepherd – Sale, Breed Information & Facts

The German Shepherd Dog is a large to medium size dog breed originated in Germany. They are also known as GSD or Alsatian, which were originally bred for herding sheep. Whereas, with fleeting time everything has changed. The breed today is among the most popular, trusted and loyal breeds. They are part of the search and

Top 4 Dangerous Dog Breeds

Just as in case of us humans, dogs have particular traits and habits that varies from breed to breed. Some breeds can be quite loving and affectionate while others can be fierce and ravening. While most dog breeds (like all other animals) can hold some sort of danger for us, (defenseless humans!) there are breeds

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