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Everything That Your Pet Need This Winter

Winter Clothing And Apparels For Pets: A Comprehensive Guide Winter Clothes And Apparel For Pets- Do They Need I? With the onset of winters the pet owners, especially new pet owners, find themselves hooked by the question, ‘Do pets need winter clothes?’ or ‘Does my dog need a sweater for winter’? Let us help you

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5 Things Your Dog Hates

A dog, without any degree of exaggeration, is a better friend than humans around you. Humans and dogs share a great bond and also, many emotions. Dogs are decently advanced and can feel a wide variety of emotions, and can express them too, including hate. Yes. HATE! You must be wondering what do dogs hate?

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas & Ticks On Dogs

Fleas in dogs cause itchiness, skin irritation and scratching in dogs. Fleas are parasites which feed on its host (dog) by sucking its blood. In most cases, flea-infested dogs have seen to acquire severe anemia and grave illness due to blood loss. Dogs with fleas will show excessive scratching, tapeworm segments or larvae on or


Hello pet lovers, Here is a post for you! From brushing teeth, nail trimming, ear cleaning, perfumed bathing, to special styling, massaging and spa services...everything is in for your furry friend. Apart from physical health care, the most essential aspect is to groom your Doggy. Every pet owner wishes that their companion looks clean and

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Choose The Right Dog Food

Feeding your dog anything doesn't mean it is healthy. When it comes to balanced food or nutrition, dogs are most critical in their nutrition. An unbalanced food can cause your dog's health problems and may suffer to live a shorter and less happy life. Know Your Dog's Food As per the Association of American Feed

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Hycan’14 Championship

On Monday - November 17' 2014, The Hyderabad Canine Club (HyCan) in affiliation with Pedigree, a pet food company, has organized HyCan’14 Dog Show at HITEX International Exhibition Centre, Hitech City, Hyderabad. This is basically captivated for dog owners, trainers, breeders and dog lovers in the city. It has competed against different kind of breeds and dogs

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