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Intas Melonex Oral Suspension-10ml

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Intas Melonex Oral Suspension is for best mild skin rash and runny nose or sore throat and other pet problems.

Presentation: Liquid in 10 ml.

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Upset stomach.




Runny nose or sore throat.

Mild skin rash.

Melonex Oral Suspension (Meloxicam) may be a liquid sort of medication wont to treat arthritis and joint pain in aging dogs. It prevents the discharge of hormonal response which causes symptoms like swelling, irritation, pain, and redness. The medication also can be used to treat other unlisted conditions as determined by your veterinarian.


Usually administered orally between 1 and 3 times each day.

In many cases, it is often either mixed with water or given directly with no dilution.

The vet should administer the dosage and frequency, because it is going to be varying on the dog's health and medical record, additionally to the severity of the condition being treated.

Need regular checkups while using this medication to ensure & it remains the best treatment option.

Do not miss these appointments.

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Bone,Hip and Joint
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