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Vitapol Mineral Block For Rodents Orange 40gms

Vitapol Mineral Block For Rodents Orange 40 Gms

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Suitable: For Rabbit, Hamster & Guinea Pig.

Flavor: Orange.

Type: Mineral Block.

Made from natural ingredients.

Exercise for the pet jaws.

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          The mineral block in orange flavour for the rodents which are in a cage & they will not be able to derive it from their natural surrounding places such as mud. The mineral block is made of completely from natural ingredients and ensures for the pet rodent to receive all the salts and minerals which are necessary to keep them healthy.
          The 40gm mineral block is made in a way that ensures that it easy to consume for your pet. It helps to keep a check on the pet teeth and make sure to retains its strength by providing much-needed exercise for the jaw. The block is made from orange peel & lime to provide all necessary minerals to the pet. The block can be easily attached to the cage and your pet can have it as per its requirement.
  • Deficiency remover for the pet. 
  • Providing the necessary minerals.
  • Strengthen teeth of all rodents.
  • Easily attachable to the cage. 
Ingredients:  Lime & orange peel. 
40 gms
Mineral Blocks
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1 Reviews

My chotu is very comfortable to eat
My chotu is very comfortable to eat this and it gains him the needed minerals too.
By Srichal on 04/22/2020

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