Versele Laga Junior Plus IC+ 20KG
Versele Laga Junior Plus IC+ 20KG

Versele Laga Junior Plus IC+ 20 Kg

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Quantity - 20kg

It is a complete food for pigeons 

It is a entire food for pigeons enriched with special Immunity Concept plus junior pellet. Junior Plus bird food provides the right protein/energy balance that permits pigeons to grow and flourish into strong adult pigeons whilst still being able to perform.


  • Junior Plus bird food is a complete food for pigeons.
  • It provides the perfect protein and energy balance.
  • This bird food provides perfect protein and energy balance that allows the pigeons to grow into strong adult pigeons.
  • This food is enriched with special immunity plus junior pellet.
  • This bird food is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and calcium which are necessary for growth developemnt of young pigeons.

Directions for use :

On average, 30 g of feed should be given per day per pigeon and always use fresh drinking water.

Constituents : 

Crude fat 6.5%, Crude protein 13.5%, Crude ash 3%, Crude fibre 6.5%, Carbohydrates 58.5%, Phosphorus 0.32%, Calcium 0.13%,  Lysine 0.55%, Sodium 0.03%, Methionine 0.28%, Threonine 0.43%, Cystine 0.22% & Tryptophan 0.14%

Composition :

Red maize 4%, Plate maize 3%, Small French cribs maize 8%, French cribs maize 5%, Dun peas 2%, Toasted soya beans 2% Maple peas 3%, Small green peas 7%, White pigeon wheat 7%, Tares 2%,  Sudanese white dari 8%,  White pigeon barley 11%, Safflower seed 10%, Paddy rice 12%, Red dari 6%, Brown linseed 2% & Junior pellet I.C.+ 6%, Peeled oats 2%

Opti Growth :

It provides unique combination of essential amino acids, absorbable calcium and L-carnitine. This will build new lives and ensures an optimal growth of the young birds.

Opti Digest:

MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) are prebiotics that promote a healthy micro organism intestinal flora and suppress harmful bacteria leading to a healthy digestion.

Opti Health:

The Junior Plus I.C. with Junior pellet contains a singular combination of natural antioxidants including beta carotene (supplied through carrots), lutein, extra vitamin E, organic selenium, polyphenolic bioflavonoids and vitamin C. This unique combination stimulates the immune system.

Impotant :

Once the young pigeons train enough round the loft they will be fed some more. Always take care with feeding, in order that the young pigeons keep listening once they are called inside and once they are being conditioned.

20 Kg
1 Reviews

Highly recommend
This brand has good food. Value for money. They eat everything edible in it
By Mahajan on 04/20/2020

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