Bayer Advantix Ticks & Flea Remover

Bayer Advantix Ticks & Flea Remover 10 kg - 25 kg

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For treatment and control of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice, for small Dogs.

Type: Spot on

Product Description: 

The tick & flea spot on control for dogs over >25kgs. has continuing firmly acaricidal and repellent effect for 3 - 4 weeks against tick infestations. Used for treatment & prevention of flea. The fleas which are on dogs are killed within one day following treatment. One treatment prevents further flea infestation for 4 - weeks. Can be used as part of a long time treatment for flea allergy dermatitis. The One treatment provides repellent activity against sand flies for 2 or 3 - weeks, against mosquito for 2 - 4 weeks and stable flies 4 - weeks.


  1. For dogs of 10 to 25 kg
  2. Prevents and controls tick infestations
  3. Helps in treatment and prevention of flea infestations



Type - Spot on


  • Remove the tube from the package.
  • Keep the tube in an upright position, twist and pull the cap. turn the cap around and place the other end of the cap back on the tube.
  • To open the seal, twist the cap, and then remove the cap from the tube.
  • Divide the coat between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible.
  • Keep the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly to apply the required quantity at one spot directly on to the skin.


  • Eyes and ears should be prevented while its application.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Should not be used on puppies of less than 7 weeks of age.


  • Highly effective parasiticide against the most common and important external parasites.
  • Repels ticks, sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies before they can bite and suck blood.
  • Reduces the risk of parasite-transmitted diseases and the stress for the pet.
  • Specially & specifically developed for dogs.


  • Not to use on puppies under 7 weeks of age.
  • Do not apply to cats or animals other than dogs.
  • Make sure not to permit cats to actively groom or make close physical contact with a recently treated dog. 
  • Keep away the product from pets eyes or mouth.
  • Use with caution for sick and debilitated animals.
  • Safe to use on puppies from 7 weeks of age. 
  • The product will cause eye irritation in humans and harmful if swallowed. 
  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • Call poison control center if swallowed.
  • If in the skin, wash with plenty of soap and water. If in eyes, flush with plenty of water.
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