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Versele - Laga Prestige-Parrots-1KG

Versele - Laga Prestige-Parrots-1KG

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Type - Food

Suitable - Parrots 

Quantity - 1kg.

To keep parrot fit. 

Enriched seed mixture with extra food elements. 

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Its an enriched seed mixture with extra food elements required by the parrot to remain fit. The mixture is made with carefully selected seeds and enriched with extra Vitamins, Amino acids, and Minerals. Processed with extruded Maxi VAM pellets. Moreover, the tasteful pellets contain Florastimul, which guarantee for the optimal intestinal functioning and a good condition.

Features - 

  • The delicacy which parrots just love
  • Rich with lots of grains
  • Maintains health
  • Easy digestible

Composition -  Popcorn, Pine nuts, Pumpkin Kernels, White sunflower seeds, Plata maize, wheat, buck-wheat, peeled peanuts, Whole peanuts, Paddy rice, Peeled oats, Milo, Hempseed, Striped sunflower seeds, Pointed oats, Cardy.

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