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Areion Vet FELI-D Deworming 20 mg For Cats, 20 Tabs

Areion Vet FELI-D Deworming 20 mg For Cats, 20 Tabs

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Cat dewormer

Form: Tablets.

The complete deworming for your cat provides protection against all types of worm infestations commonly found in pets. Worm infestation is very common in pets, which can cause distress and ill health. These are the infections which can be transferred from animal to animal and also animals to human beings. To overcome this, we therefore always recommended deworming your pets on the schedules and dosage suggested by Veterinarian.

Composition: Each uncoated tablet contains
Praziquantel I.P. - 20mg
Pyrantel Pamoate - 230mg

Usage: Can be repeated after 3-4 weeks, if the fecal test indicated reinfection with tapeworms, hookworms or roundworms, or else directed by your vet doctor.


0.5Kg 2 Kg --- 1/2 tablet,
2kg - 4kg --- 1tablet,
4kg - 6kg --- 1 1/2 tablet,
6kg - 8kg --- 2 tablets.

Warning:  Not for use on kittens, less than 0.5kg body weight or age less than 1month. Consult the vet before deworming sick & pregnant cats.

Presentation: 2 Strip's with 10 Tablets in each strip.

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