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Areion Vet Dia Rest 20 Sachets Of 10 Grams

Areion Vet Dia Rest 20 Sachets Of 10 Grams

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For both cat & dogs.

Type: Powder.

Quantity:  20 sachets in 10 grams each.


1) Improves digestive health For dog and cat.

2) Builds immunity for dog and cat

Indications: For dogs & cats in health issues like

1) Diarrhea,

2) Hairball condition in cats,

3) Intestinal disorder absorption,

4) Supportive treatment in compromised digestive function.


Potassium chloride Highly soluble fibers,
Glucose, Sodium chloride,
Trisodium citrate,
Calcium Montmorillonite- 50 mg/gram,
Loctobocillus acidophilus-1 x 10 CFU/gram.


For Cats:

  • Up To kg 3 kg - 1/2 sachet daily.
  • Above 3 kg: 1 sachet daily.

For Dogs:

  • Up to 10 kg - 2 sachets daily. 
  • up to Above 10kg - 3 sachets daily.

The powder can be given directly, orally or sprinkled on food. The powder can be suspended in clean drinking water and administered orally with the help of the syringe.

For Animal Use Only.

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