Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus Lotion For Dogs, 100 ml Expand

Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus 30 ml(Pack of 2)



Quantity: 30 ml.

  • Provide treatment to skin and heal it. 
  • Effective control of dandruff flaking, scaling & itching. 
  • Prevents the re-occurrence of anti-inflammatory lotion.

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Description:  This is a product for dog care which is completely made from the natural ingredients, helps in reducing dandruff by removing bacterial & fungal infections.


  • Anti Bacterial.
  • Anti Fungal.
  • Anti-inflammatory lotion.
  • Provide treatment to skin and heal it. 
  • Effective control of dandruff flaking, scaling & itching. 
  • Prevents the re-occurrence of anti-inflammatory lotion.

Ingredients: Natural clobetasol propionate ofloxacin wokazole lotion

Indications: dermal infections of mixed etiology, otitis externa and wound in dogs and cat.

Note: Consult your vet before using this medication. 

BrandRoyal Canin
BrandFoo Dog
BrandArden Grange
BrandLet's Bite
BrandCanine Creek
Health ConsiderationBacterial infections.
Volume30 ml

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Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus 30 ml(Pack of 2)

Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus 30 ml(Pack of 2)

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  • Asked by Arun Singh
    on 11/21/2015
    Hi Sir, My name is Arun. My pet is 4 years old. She has ear infection inside. My vet has recommended ''Spectrazol'' lotion for it. It really helped and he infection was over after 15-20days. Now, after 4 months she has again developed similar ear infection. When i went to buy spectrazol, the shopkeeper said its sale has been now stopped and he recommended me to buy ''wokazole''. My pet is not feeling good once i apply it on to her ears. I am using it from past 3days. She gets irritated and even starts scratching her ears. She shouts when i don't allow her rub her ears. Please tell, 1.what do i do? 2.How do i use this wokazole lotion. 3. Is it harmful as my pet feels irritated. (i saw her licking her paw which she used to scratch her ear)Regards, Arun Singh Answer:
    Hi Arun, sorry for the late reply. But you will be glad to know that now you can buy your preferred spectrazole lotion on our website.. here goes the link..
  • Asked by Nikhil
    on 04/26/2016
    I have to know it's has to use before bath or after bath Answer:
    Greetings Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus Lotion For Dogs, 100 ml should apply after the bath. Thank you Regards Marshalls petzone.
  • Asked by Vinati
    on 07/18/2016
    Hey, I have applied wokazole plus lotion into my dog's paws as suffering from infection and affected area is red and she is having itching probably! Somehow she is not stopping licking that which caused her vomiting. Please suggest what course of action I should take?Regards, Vinati Answer:
    Greeting,It is advised to keep a mouth cap for your dog, after applying the medicine. Your dog might be licking the medicine and that may be resulting in vomiting. Once the medicine is applied let it dry for maximum 20 minutes then only you will see fruitful results.Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Gatha
    on 09/25/2016
    Hello. I got to know about this lotion for treatment of ticks. My queries are: 1. Will this lotion work for ticks & fleas? 2. It is claimed that this lotion is of natural composition. Is this true? I'm expecting baby soon, what precautions should I take for myself & the baby? Answer:
    Greetings,Dear Customer, we advise you to please consult the vet. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Gurvinder Singh
    on 10/26/2016
    Hello sir. I have a American bully of blue clour . It is 8 month old . Now he is having red spot on this full body . I saw that spot when I m bathing him . He dont scratch him but he licking under the tail and when I rub this body with my hand he feeling vry good . Sir plz suggest me wat type of medicine or lotion I use to make my dog rest from skin problem . I think it is aa start of inflection Answer:
    Greetings,Dear Customer, we suggest you use shampoo. Wet the coat completely, gently apply the shampoo all over the body, rest it for 10 minutes. Avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and give a towel dry.Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Rohini Char
    on 02/28/2017
  • Asked by Ria
    on 04/26/2017
    I've two puppies which are one week old and having rashes and redness on some parts of the body. Can I use wokazole plus on infected areas? Thanks Answer:
    Greetings, Dear Customer, Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus 30 ml(Pack of 2) can be used for your puppies. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by a guest
    on 06/03/2017
    Can Wokazole Plus be used inside the ear canal? Answer:
    Greetings, Dear Customer, Consult a vet before administering any medication. This product is used on pets who have skin rashes or irritations. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by a guest
    on 06/25/2017
    Is wokazole lotion can used for ears?? Answer:
    Greetings, Dear Customer, Vetoquinol Wokazole Plus 30 ml(Pack of 2) should not be used for ears. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Madhu
    on 01/03/2018
    My rescue pup has severe skin infection. I applied wokazole plus and he started crying and constantly itching. He cried and groaned for more than 30 mins as if he is in severe discomfort. Is this to be expected? Or should I stop using the lotion? Answer:
    Please visit
  • Asked by P.shanmukha
    on 05/19/2018
    I've a dog which is a Labrador and it's age is about 2years but she is suffering from severe hair fall problem what is the solution Answer:
    Is there any rashes and redspots on his boday then you have to take our vet online just for 99 rs he will suggest you the medicine, if normal hair fall then you have to use suppliment please check the link if dog is 10 kg then give 1 tablet if 20 kg then give 2 tablets at single dose.
  • Asked by Dinesh Gaur
    on 08/20/2018
    I have a German Shepard dog, He has some upper side injury from the claw, looks a little red. Please advise any medicines or ointment Answer:
    Please consult your local vet
  • Asked by Marky
    on 11/01/2018
    Can i use wakazole plus lotion on bald spots of puppies suffering from mange? Answer: Please consult our vet online services.