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Features - 
  • Useful for maintaining healthy skin
  • Maintains coat
  • Balances metabolism of your pet.
  • Treatment for allergies
  • Feed supplements
  • Maintains healthy and shiny coat

Composition -  Omega 6 and omega 3
Dosage - Dogs  - 5 gms per day,  Pregnant dogs - 10 gms per day
Storage - Store in cool dry place.

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Petcare Nutricoat Supplement For Dog

Petcare Nutricoat Supplement For Dog

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  • Asked by srirupa
    on 11/05/2015
    Does it look like a transparent thick oil with brownish sediments? Answer:
    Hey Srirupa, You are right, it does look like a transparent thick oil with brownish sediments!! For any more queries, please write back to us :)
  • Asked by srirupa
    on 11/06/2015
    My golden retriever is 10+.He had Ascites last year but recovered .He is fine except ing that he has slowed down quite a bit.he takes time to get up while sitted, at times finds it difficult to climb up or down also he doesnt want to run while out for walk. He weighs 26.5kg. I give him pet joint one tab a day and vitamin tabs . is there anything I should do to strengthen his legs and make him little more active.? Answer:
    Hi there, glad to know that you are giving him tablets and vitamins for his joints. Apart from these, I shall tell you some home remedies which will have great results. Please give your dog cooked fish meat. Remove the fish bones completely and also give him the fish skin. You can do this 2 or 3 times a week. Give him cooked or dehydrated sweet potatoes twice a week. Do not feed him food with too much grains. Avoid plant based oils like sunflower oil and vegetable oil. Add 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric along with one grind of fresh pepper. Add this mixture to his foods. This will be very beceficial.Write back when he starts showing improvement 
  • Asked by srirupa
    on 11/08/2015
    my 10 yr golden retriever is extremely panicked with the sound of crackers.I keep all doors and windows closed and keep him inside but still heis sleepless and restless. he doesnt want to go out for business whenever he hears the crackers sound. this goes on for the whole week of diwali.. to add to this he is this time scared of the lights at the buildings around. do you suggest any medication for him? pl advise Answer:
    Select a suitable room where you will contain the pet for the duration of the fireworks. An inner room that is least impacted by the noise is ideal. It should be a room that you can close off to prevent your pet from running about the house and injuring itself, wrecking furniture, etc. Make the room cozy. Put down familiar, clean bedding somewhere pleasant such as under a table, on or behind a chair, etc. Add some familiar chew toys, scratch pads, balls, etc., to keep your pets amused and distracted. Ensure that the room temperature is pleasant; warm if it's cold weather, or cool if it's hot weather. Consider whether sound might be soothing. If your pet is used to music, turn some on at normal volume. Also, the sound of rainwater is very soothing to pets. Use lavender. This is optional, but you might like to use lavender scented items to help calm your pet. Use a spray or gently bruise the leaves and flowers of some fresh plants. Just make sure that it's out of reach of your pet. Using heated scent oils or incense is not recommended as a frantic pet can knock them over and start a fire or injure themselves. Remove any sharp items from the room in case your pet starts jumping or running around. We hope that these tricks will help you to a great extent.. Please write back for any more doubts :)
  • Asked by srirupa
    on 11/09/2015
    hi, thankyou very much for the suggestions you sent to calm a panicked dog. A few of those I am already doing and the rest I m starting from today . in kolkata the noise problem goes on for a week to ten day around its a big concern for the dog lovers.Actually someone suggested CALMEX and also to keep him tied up,Btw he is not used to being tied up. I need your advice on that pl.Also from my first question I would like to know if one tab of Pet joint /day is enough for aG.R ,10+ who is 26.5 kg.or should I increase the dose? thanks again Answer:
    Hi there, if your dog is not used to being tied up, then he might get aggressive if you start it all of a sudden. Also, let me tell you that during loud explosions dogs panic and start running frantically. The dog might get hurt in this panicky situation. Therefore, I suggest, tie him up for short intervals and make him comfortable to being tied up. When the dog is tied up keep him busy with his chew toys. Otherwise, fill up a big kong with lots of frozen treats, such that the dog takes a lot of time to finish it. These will help in keeping him engaged and he will not feel irritated. About CALMEX and pet joint tablets, I feel these must be taken only under strict veterinary examination. Thanks  write back for any more doubts..
  • Asked by srirupa mitra
    on 11/19/2015
    my dog(g. retrvr 10+) gets skin rashes almost through out the year. 1.on his belly ten-fifteen Sesame seed like growth appear and after two days the skin around the growth gets redend and finally the growth ruptures or leaves open wound. his paws between paw pads it sometime gets little swollen and red.he limps st times. I consulted the vets .but there is no complete cure. in goes and appears again after a month or so. he licks the affected areas vigorously. I apply spectrazole and used to spray Petderm spray to stop him licking.Unfortunately Petderm spray is not anymore available in market . Is washing dogs feet every alternate date not recomended? how can I give him relief? Answer:
    Hi there, mam is your dog sleeping in wet areas? Or is his paws exposed a lot to water? Please keep him away from water as much as possible. Write back and let me know if his belly/ paws are being exposed to water.
  • Asked by Srirupa
    on 11/19/2015
    No he sleeps/ tests in dry place ,on floor of on bed.I used to wash his feet daily which I discontinurd a yr back. Use dryer when I bathe him. Answer:
    Hey there, it is a little difficult to analyze what the dog is going through without actually seeing and examining it. Try changing your vet, consult a couple of vets in your area, and you might get a solution to this. Thanks for writing to us.
  • Asked by samit kumar mondal
    on 10/01/2016
    How to use it to my one years old Labrador. Answer:
    Greetings,Dear Customer, the dosage of Petcare Nutricoat Supplement For Dog for 1 year labrador is 5 gms per day. we will suggest you take an advice from a vet as well.Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Pawan
    on 12/25/2016
    I have a 4 month old to potty and toilet train him as he does inside the house everywhere. Answer:
    Greetings,Dear Customer, Please read this link, it will be helpful of you -, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Janardhan M
    on 07/23/2017
    Hi.... my 2.5 year saint bernard's coat have become rough after her 1st litter. Also there are rashes all over her body and she keep on scratching her body . She bytes her skin and make cuts and injuries.... I have bought nutricoat advance. Is it sufficient , if yes plz guide me how to use it. Thank you Answer:
    Greetings, Dear Customer, Request you to check for Patches in body, if there are red patched, use petben shampoo, keep it in the body for 20 min and then wash, and use nutri coat advanced. If there is white patches you can use micodin shampoo, the procedure will be same. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
  • Asked by Anand
    on 09/18/2017
  • Asked by Gautam
    on 09/21/2017
    What is the difference between Nutricoat and Nutricoat advance? Which is better for a 6 yrs Lab having skin rashes. According to the Vet its due to Zinc and Omega 3 deficiencies. Answer:
    Greetings, Dear customer, Please check the link for vet online Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786