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Pedigree Puppy Gravy Food

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Pedigree provides your puppies with delicious gravy food flavoured with their favourite liver and chicken to satisfy their taste buds and in turn, give them vital nutrients.

Pedigree Puppy Gravy Food is suitable for all breed puppy breeds 

  • 70 g (Pack of 30)
  • 70 g (Pack of 15)
  • 70 g (Pack of 80+10)
  • 70 g (Pack of 6)
  • Chicken and Liver Chunks in Gravy with Vegetables
  • Chicken Chunks In Gravy

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 30.

Pedigree Puppy Gravy food is crafted with rich ingredients that ensures your growing puppy with calcium, protein, fat  and omega 6

How to feed Pedigree Puppy Gravy Food 

Mix pedigree puppy gravy food with pedigree puppy dry food and serve the rich tasty nutritional food 

Pedigree Puppy Gravy food feeding guidance for Toy breeds, Small breeds and Medium breeds

Pedigree Puppy Wet Food is packed with 

6% Crude Protein

3% Crude Fat

1% Crude Fiber

85% Moisture

Make sure Pedigree Puppy Gravy food is properly sealed 


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Pedigree Adult Gravy Food

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Complete and Professional nutrition

Suitable and formulated diet

Reduce tartar & Support gum health

Complete and balanced Hydrate nutrition

Crunchy and nutritious biscuits

Complete and balanced nutrition

Life Stage


Puppy/mother pet





Suitable Breeds

Small Breed

Puppy starter/ Mother pet

Medium, Large Breeds

All Breeds

All Breeds

Large and Giant Breed

Variants and Flavors



3 Variants 

2 Flavors

2 Flavors


Weights and Packs

3 kg

3 kg

10 kg 

Pack of 3

Pack of 12

Pack of 24

Pack of 15,

Pack of 30

Pack of 90

Pack of 15,

Pack of 30

Pack of 90


3 kg

70 gms
Puppy 3-18 Months
3 Reviews

Very good brand. Priced right for an excellent quality. My puppy likes a lot.
By Durga aduri on 04/27/2020

My Doggy really likes the product. He wants to eat more, Really appreciate the service for faster delivery
By Radha on 04/06/2020

Very nice
My pet he is 5 months old Shitzhu puppy very moody when it comes to feed him...But he love pedigree gravy... I am so happy to get this product safely at my door step without any damage. Very happy with my purchase
By Preethi on 03/19/2020

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