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Drools Absolute Salmon Oil Skin And Anti Hairfall Supplement For Dogs

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₹254.15 ₹299.00
Drools Absolute Salmon Oil provides a daily supply of EPA and DHA – the best Omega-3 fatty acids. Most dogs' metabolism uses these nutrients immediately without any prior conversion. Therefore this supplement provides a better value of EPA and DHA than plant-based substitutes to support healthy skin, coat and nerve-based functions like cognition and...
My Beau Cat 300 ml
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Health care

My Beau Cat 300 ml Tasty Oil Supplement

1 Reviews
₹1,155.00 ₹1,375.00
Type: Supplement  Quantity: 300ml Supplement for cat & kittens. To improve the skin & coat condition, digestion, furballs in cats.  A unique blend of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. 
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Rex Wheat Germ Oil Anti Hairfall Supplement For Dogs & Cats

B61, B60, B62, B63, B07
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₹156.00 ₹195.00
Type:  Wheat germ oil Suitable: cats & dogs of all ages. For the shiny & lustrous coat & skin.  Can be used on regular daily food supplement.  Feed Instructions: Add Directly to animal’s daily food. Dogs & Cats        Weight      Dose    Upto 20Kg      2.5ml    Above 20Kg       5ml    Above 40Kg       10ml Birds:  1 drop mixed in feed...
Beaphar Salmon Oil Anti Hair Fall Supplement for Dogs, 425 ml
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Beaphar Salmon Oil Anti Hair Fall Supplement for Dogs, 500 ml

₹820.00 ₹1,000.00
Alternative for this product https://www.marshallspetzone.com/supplements/8358-pawsome-companions-furever-salmon-oil-500-ml.htmlEspecially for dogs, improving heart & joint health. Energy booster for working dogs. Used for control of hairfall and protects skin and coat. Specially formulated for canines, for Improving heart and joint health Salmon Oil...
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