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Pawise is India's biggest pet product supplier online, it has a great research team which works on new products every day to make your pet's life easier. it is one of India's earliest pet product manufacturers who still ruling the market. Pawise offers quality products at very low prices compared to other suppliers online.

Reversible Cat Scratcher
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Scratch Toys

Pawise Reversible Cat Scratcher

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₹989.10 ₹1,099.00
This scratch toy is made from strong corrugated paper. It will last for a very long time because of its unique concave-convex design, which allows cats to scratch without actually tearing it apart.
Catch Me - Stick - Toy Catch Me - Stick - Toy 2
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Fun Toys

Pawise Catch Me - Stick - Toy

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₹243.00 ₹270.00
Pawise Catch Me - Stick contains nontoxic rubber which is made with 100% PVC material. Pawise Catch Me - Stick hard rubber toy is used for the pet active skills. Pawise Catch Me - Stick hard rubber toy is used for dental strength.   
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