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This Doggy Day Care comes with an adorable Pet Cafe for you and your Dog


This cafe describes the word pet-friendly a new way. This maintains an entirely different menu for dogs. They go a step forward and even make cakes for pet birthday parties. Fun doesn't stop there for your doggy, they have a spa to be groomed and pampered at. The 14000 sq ft property has a pet shop which stocks pet food, pet accessories, pet toys  and the 4000 sq.ft house in the middle has a massive lawn for the dogs to run around. In addition to being a pet cafe, this also offers a kennel service. This is equipped to a house of maximum of 35 dogs. coming to the menu, their favorite doggie choices are their honey chicken. Boneless chicken lollipop, chicken french fries and lamb gravy and many more. There is 20% discount running on spa and grooming services. It is premium and Worthy. 

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