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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

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Breed - Working
Weight - 59 kgs
Height - 69 cms
Color - Black tan

Price - 

Male - Rs. 18,000

Female - Rs. 15,000

Note - For Any Queries Related To Pups Please Contact Chat Support or Call 8106360786

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  • Male
  • Female

Delivery: 3 to 9 working days

We ship all over India 

COD available

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Features -

  • Distinct feature - They are massive with a muscular and powerful body. They are stocky strong dog breed with diverse positive traits like confidence, steadfastness and courageous. But the first thing that attracts is their strong jaws and flat head. Their appearance gives a pre-assured misconception that they are fierce or arrogant. But it is proved wrong because being the great guard dogs they are very agile and are wonderful companions.
  • Coat - The coat is short, hard thick and glossy. Requires regular brushing.
  • Temperament - They are loyal and protective towards their owners. They are powerful, calm, trainable and courageous. They become natural guard dogs but their even temperament makes them a good social companion. Easy to train as they are highly intelligent and courageous.
  • Activity - They need a tremendous amount of exercise. They love to go for long walks or jog, swimming and running.

Note -

  • The age of the pup will be between 35 to 50 days.
  • Puppies are delivered only to the serviceable places.
  • Shipping charges are applicable as per the area where the pup has to deliver.
  • No guarantee for life.
  • We deal only in good quality and assured breeds.
  • Puppy pics will be sent after the payment is completed



saint bernad is i am brought


    The best guard dog

    Hi i bough Rottweiler puppy from marshalls petzone 6 months back and they given best quality puppy..Thanks to marshalls



      Best puppy

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        Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

        Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

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        • Asked by a guest
          on 12/04/2015
          If your dogs fully pure breeds? From where will you sent these dogs? Answer:
          We sale pure breed dogs. we have breeders all over India. we select the most healthiest and best quality puppy. We send the puppy to our customers via Air!!
        • Asked by Ameya mategaonkar
          on 01/22/2016
          Can i have original picture of puppies???N what is guarantee that this pups are of pure breed??N How will you send this pups to my city nagpur???Please Reply mw as soon as possible..its argent... Answer:
          We will send the puppy along with a person to your place. We have been in this business for years. Its a matter of trust. We have always delivered quality pups. We have our own website and sell products. We are not some random sellers on OLX to disappear. We understand pup is a life time commitment.
        • Asked by ameya mategaokar
          on 01/22/2016
          who will bear the expenses of transportation of puppies via air??? Answer:
          We will bear them.
        • Asked by Ameya Mategaonkar
          on 01/23/2016
          What is the blood line of this pups?? Answer:
          These puppies are of good quality. For them to be KCI registered there will be an additional document charges of Rs 5000.
        • Asked by Ameya Mategaonkar
          on 01/25/2016
          what is the blood line of this puppies?? Answer:
          These puppies are of good quality. For them to be KCI registered there will be an additional document charges of Rs 5000.
        • Asked by Adithya RUTHVIK
          on 01/02/2017
          Can we take the dogs in air or rail when we are travelling...?? If yes then please suggest me the method.. Answer:
          Greetings,Dear Customer, yes, dogs can travel via air (Air India) and railways as well. You need to follow the procedures as prescribed by the concern departments.Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Venkat
          on 02/24/2017
          Need a male Rottweiler puppy from a champion blood line with papers @ Vijayawada What would be the cost Answer:
          Dear Customer , Greetings , sure you can contact these number for your queries " 8106360786 Regards, Marshalls Team.
        • Asked by Pankaj sharma
          on 04/24/2017
          I want a pure bread and healthy rotti puppy .it should not be so shy and agressive . Can you deliver it in delhi Answer:
          Greetings, Dear Customer, the puppies are assured and genuine breeds. Please provide your location with the pin code. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Saleem
          on 06/14/2017
          Is the price negotiable, and do ship the pups to Karnataka...? Answer:
          Greetings, Dear Customer, we deal only in good quality and genuine breeds and the price is fixed. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Hari
          on 07/17/2017
          Puppies paper work cost 650 as per the Kci within 3 months and after 3 months may be 850 but not more than that.. How come u r charging 5k for paper work..?I am A breeder as well who applied Kci papers time to time..Why are u charging extra money on papers??? Answer:
          Greetings, Dear customer,Please call to the below number for more information. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Rahul Kumar
          on 08/01/2017
        • Asked by Rahul Kumar
          on 08/01/2017
          Will i get same puppy as shown in pictures?or any other puppy? Please let me know and i'm from the Patna(PIN800004). so can u deliver the puppy? I want a rottweiler femalr puppy. Please reply me as soon as possible. My contact number is 9504771555. Answer:
          Greetings, Dear Customer, Please check the link, for further information please call us on the below given number Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Manish Giri
          on 10/17/2017
          i want to buy a Rottweiler male in 10000 Answer:
          Greetings, Dear customer, Sorry we have the fixed prices for puppies. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Rohit
          on 10/22/2017
          What is the price of male Rottweiler puppy? Answer:
          Greetings, Dear customer, Male-17000 Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Sushanth
          on 12/13/2017
          Can u deliver pups to rajahmundry? Answer:
          Yes, Please contact to 8106360786 in Whatsapp
        • Asked by Anil
          on 01/03/2018
          Can they live on pure veg diet like milk etc as we are pure vegetarian Answer:
          Please dont give milk and give only puppy starter food
        • Asked by Dr Deepak kumar
          on 01/14/2018
          I want to buy male Rottweiler and Doberman p mail proper all Vaccinated and trained 3 months price not excied Rs 7000 each, pay after address Dr. De epak Kumar, S/O (mother) Mrs pushpa sah, CTO, central bank, RDS college campus branch, Ramdylu RDS Road, PO Ramna, Distt. Muzaffarpur PIN 842002whatsaap 9531085531, call 9334056200, 705011675, 7808780457, 7050111402 Answer:
          Please contact to 8106360786
        • Asked by Santosh Karosiya
          on 01/22/2018
          I need female rottweiler puppy for my resident so give me the best price for it for purchase. Answer:
          Male rs 18000 and female rs 16000
        • Asked by a guest
          on 02/09/2018
          What documents will u provide with this pup? Answer:
          Please contact to 8106360786
        • Asked by K N Mac
          on 03/01/2018
          Hi Marshall Pet zone. I would like to know the bloodline of the puppies and from where they would be transported if I buy one. K N Mac Sicherheit Kennel Answer:
          We are not the breeders. We have lots of customers who are in connection with us and they will inform us if they have litters. These puppy's are from the customers homes where they are healthy and taken proper care of.
        • Asked by a guest
          on 03/03/2018
          Do you deliver dogs in lucknow Answer:
          Yes , Please contact to 8106360786
        • Asked by DR PAMIT TIWARY
          on 04/24/2018
          Can you ship puppies to MUZAFFARPUR BIHAR Answer:
          Yes we will deliver
        • Asked by Manmohan
          on 04/25/2018
          Hi I am from Jaipur, Want have a female rotti puppy but Your process little high is this include delivery charges. Answer:
          FEMALE 19,000.00 MALE 22,000 including delivery charges
        • Asked by Seyie
          on 04/26/2018
          Can u deliver to dimapur ? Answer:
          Yes we will deliver
        • Asked by Srinivasvarma
          on 05/05/2018
          Is pups kci registered....? Answer:
          Any puppy related query please contact to this number 8106360786
        • Asked by a guest
          on 05/18/2018
          Hii @ Marshalls Pet Zone, Will I be getting a trained dog ?.....or how many days of might be the puppy?....what is the final cost of delivering @ pin-560054?....also is the paper work included in the above mentioned price or I have to pay for it? (This my first time to adopt a dog so please guide me) (Hope that puppy doesn't suffer from any type of disease!) (And why don't you accept rupay cards?) Answer:
        • Asked by Jason
          on 05/21/2018
          if the puppy dies before being delivered what action would be taken by you Answer:
          We will take back return but till today we didnt face that issue
        • Asked by a guest
          on 05/21/2018
          does the reports of the puppy rotti been handed over to us on delivery Answer:
          Any puppy related query please contact to this number 8106360786