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There are numerous adorable fur babies who are waiting to have their home. You can be their home.

One can easily purchase Beagle puppy in between the range of Rs. 21,000 to Rs.24,000 across India. It is always suggested to buy these pups from home bred litter or from trusted breeders or stores. Never purchase from puppy mills, animal farms or puppy farms.

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  • Male
  • Female

Delivery: 3 to 9 working days

We ship all over India 

COD available

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Breed: Hound

  • One of the most socializes dog breed.
  • Beagles are the great child companion.
  • Easy adaptable to a different environment.

Weight: 6-8Kgs.

Height: 30-32 cms
Color: Tri-color


  • Distinct feature - One of the most socialize dog breed, due to their lively, active & energetic behaviour. The Beagles are the great child companion as they are alert always and their even temperament lets them not to show any signs of aggression.
  • Coat - Have a very sleek and short haired with a medium length coat, which is easy to groom.
  • Temperament - Happy go lucky dog breed. A wonderful companion & can easily adaptable to the different environment. They are easy to train as they are intelligent. The social nature of them makes extremely well with children and other pets.
  • Activity - Loves for going long walks and are active.

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Too much High Price



    Beagle puppy price

    We deal only in genuine and good quality breeds. We believe in customer’s satisfaction and we are totally aware of the mistrust being caused by the fake breeders.
    We not only provide pure and genuine breeds but also we personally check the puppies.
    • We only deliver 1st or second litter to our customer.
    • We personally make sure there are no health issues.
    • One of our team members will visit the puppy and will deliver you images and all the necessary details.
    Hence, we do not compromise on price.


      waste of prize

      the pize is too high

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        Beagle Puppies For Sale

        Beagle Puppies For Sale

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        • Asked by Jacob Stanton
          on 11/26/2015
          Can we come and look at the Beagle Pupies? We are interested but would like to look at it before we purchased. Tomarrow if possable.Sorry I only speak English. +91.8879272049Thanks Jacob Answer:
          Hi Sir, we tried contacting you twice but you were not reachable. One of our person from Marshall's Pet Zone personally goes to the place, wherever the puppies are (which can be in another city or a faraway state) and checks for the authenticity of its breed and the health of the puppy. Then, a photo of the healthiest puppy is clicked and shared with the customer. Therefore, we take Rs. 5000 in advance for this procedure. We are based in Visakhapatnam. This is our number 8106360786, please get in touch for further details. (we are available on whatsapp)
        • Asked by Mohit
          on 12/09/2015
          Age, gender, real images, whether i can check it first or not. Answer:
          Hi there, we will provide you the real images and documents of the puppy before taking the full payment from you.
        • Asked by Tanishq sinha
          on 02/19/2016
          The breed will be original or not Answer:
          Greeting we can assure you that Beagle Puppies is pure Breedsor else if you want more info about puppies means you can contact our Sir +919866099786Regards, MarshallsPetzone 9704293786
        • Asked by Nikita
          on 03/01/2016
          How do I get to choose a pup of a breed? Like if I want a beagle, how many choices do I have? Answer:
          Greetings, This is our Sir number +919866099786, you can contact him, sir will give all info about those breeds and all.Regards MarshallsPetzone 8106360786 9704293786
        • Asked by Abhirav Kariya
          on 04/12/2016
          Can I get pictures of dog before buying? Any outlet in Hyderabad i can Visit? How do you ensure its pure? Answer:
          GreetingsPlease call to our boss MD.Basha 9866099786 he will give you the total information. Thank you Regards Marshalls petzone
        • Asked by Sankeerth
          on 06/12/2016
          How many days it takes I want to see once and buy the dog Answer:
          Greetings, I'll give you our boss number, you please contact our boss, he will provide all queries Name :Basha Contact : 9866099786Thanks & Regards, MarshallsPetzone. 8106360786
        • Asked by Michelle Contractor
          on 10/02/2017
          P of a male b puppy Answer:
          Greetings, Dear customer, MALE 23,000 Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Michelle Contractor
          on 10/02/2017
        • Asked by Shweta
          on 12/02/2017
          Do uh provide papers n microchip with beagle Answer:
          Greetings, We will give KCI and microchip but not with the puppy, it will take 6 months time to give the KCI certificate. Regards, Marshallspetzone 8106360786
        • Asked by Mara
          on 01/19/2018
          Shipping to PR Answer:
          What you mean by PR
        • Asked by DR NITIN DUTTA
          on 02/08/2018
          Are these KCI certified ? Answer:
          For kci certificate you will pay rs3000 extra
        • Asked by a guest
          on 03/26/2018
          Hi i am from Noida I am in search of labrador puppy of not exceed a month. My budget is less than 10000 . It should be a pure breed. Answer:
          We supply only Pure Genuine and healthy breed . However the labrador puppy price is Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale GENUINE BREEDS FEMALE 15,000.00 MALE 18,000
        • Asked by a guest
          on 04/22/2018
          Possible to see the litter? Answer:
          Yes please message to our watsapp number 8106360786
        • Asked by Aditya
          on 05/01/2018
          Want to know more about the pup? They are 13 inch or 15 inch. Do we give papers along with the pup? Like kci registered!! What will be the total cost of pup and shipping to Bangalore. Answer:
          FEMALE 24,000 MALE 27,000 including delivery charges. For KCI certificate you should have to pay extra 3000
        • Asked by a guest
          on 05/05/2018
          Has the Beagle got all Vaccins or are there some pending Answer:
          We supply 30 to 40 puppy after you have vaccine your puppy please call to this number 8106360786
        • Asked by a guest
          on 05/16/2018
          Cost of male beagle puppy ? Answer:
          Any puppy related query please contact to this number 8106360786
        • Asked by Devam
          on 06/04/2018
          1. That will you deliver a beagle puppy to Gujarat? 2. Price ( both male and female ) 3. Will it be vaccinated and work free? I want a pure breedAnd send me pictures too. Answer:
          Yes we will deliver to Gujarat, FEMALE 25,000 MALE 28,000 including delivery charges, we will deliver 30 to 40 days puppy you should have to vaccinate after 45 days contact to this number 8106360786
        • Asked by Pranavdev
          on 06/06/2018
          Beagle cute real puppies In good breead Answer:
          Yes we have please contact to this number
        • Asked by Devam Joshi
          on 06/06/2018
          Price of Beagle puppy? Will you deliver in Gujarat ? Will it be vaccinated? Can you send pictures ? Answer:
          FEMALE 25,000 MALE 28,000, Yes we wil deliver to gujarat, we deliver 30 to 40 days puppy after 45 days you have to vaccinate the puppy
        • Asked by Viswanath K
          on 06/10/2018
          We are looking at either Beagle or Golden retriever. Any suggestions? Are the puppies KCI registered with microchip? What is the typical cost of male puppies (both beagle and Golden retriever) Answer:
          Any puppy related query please contact to this number 8106360786
        • Asked by S P Barman
          on 06/20/2018
          First time buying a puppy!!Would like to know about Beagle .Interested in male KCI Beagle. Living in bilaspur chhattisgarh and are u delivering this far? Answer:
          Yes we will deliver Female 28,000 MALE 31,000 with KCI including delivery charges
        • Asked by kuldeep
          on 07/03/2018
          male beagle dog requirement Answer:
          Contact to this number 8106360786
        • Asked by Diana
          on 07/22/2018
          If they can be any changes in the price ....I want a female puppy but Answer:
          Please contact to 8106360786
        • Asked by Deepak
          on 07/23/2018
          Price? And do you deliver in Jaipur, Rajasthan? Answer:
          Please contact to 8106360786
        • Asked by a guest
          on 08/06/2018
          can you deliver to mathura 281005 Answer:
          please contact us on 8106360786
        • Asked by Himanshu Tyagi
          on 08/13/2018
          We r intrested great dane puppies Answer:
          please contact us on our number 8106360786.
        • Asked by Ashok
          on 09/16/2018
          Hello I am from Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. I want to buy a Beagle male puppy. Please send me the photos and price. I want to buy it in the coming week. Answer:
          So sorry we are not selling pets.
        • Asked by bharath
          on 10/08/2018
          i want to buy beagle puppy, let me know price and details9632892989 Answer:
          So sorry we are not selling pets.
        • Asked by Mushahid Hussain
          on 11/08/2018
          hi i would like to know do u have male breed certified and micro chipped . and i am only interested in litter from original breed and 1st litter batch.i live in chennai Answer:
          So sorry we are not selling pets.
        • Asked by Jenisha
          on 11/16/2018
          Male beagle available in Mumbai? Answer:
          So sorry we are not selling pets.
        • Asked by Karthik
          on 11/20/2018
          I want a Beagle pup by December third week . In Hebbal, Bangalore.Could you provide more details and contact information.Please Answer:
          So sorry we are not selling pets.
        • Asked by Bikash Singh
          on 12/05/2018
          Images of beagle and boxer pup if possible watsapp no.8761098720 Answer:
          So sorry we are not selling pets.
        • Asked by a guest
          on 12/05/2018
          Hi I'm vasanth from tamilnadu . I want golden retriever and beagle Can i buy these two puppy via COD option available for my hometown. Pls reply for my number 9677529589 Answer:
          Please contact to 9502722786
        • Asked by Kalyani
          on 12/09/2018
          Looking for beagle puppy in can I come and have a look.and what's the price for beagle . Answer:
          We are not supplying puppies
        • Asked by a guest
          on 12/11/2018
          im interested to take breed in pune any dogs available in pune please let me know or call 9764298897 Answer:
          Sorry present we are not selling pets
        • Asked by Rishav Agarwal
          on 12/13/2018
          I want to know the price of dog. I want male dog in my city indore Answer:
          Sorry, we do not deliver there. We are from South part of India.
        • Asked by Akash Deep
          on 12/14/2018
          I want to know, if i purchas form you how can i insure the bread is pure? And how many days you will take to delivery the puppy? Answer:
          Please share your location
        • Asked by Akash Deep
          on 12/14/2018
          And also let me know what is price of begal male puppy ans female puppy? Answer:
          Male-25000 Female-23000
        • Asked by a guest
          on 12/29/2018
          Price? Answer:
          Please share your location
        • Asked by Hari
          on 01/09/2019
          Hi I would like to have a beagle . Is it purebred and readily available? May I know the price also? Answer:
          Yes we will deliver pure breed Where are you from
        • Asked by Indranil Mandal
          on 01/10/2019
          I want to buy a male beagle fly let me know if it is available in Aurangabad Maharashtra And also let me know the price inclusive of door step delivery Answer:
          Sorry, we are not supplying puppies
        • Asked by Yogesh shakya
          on 01/15/2019
          Beagle male puppy for delivery in Jabalpur MP mobile 8818815400 WhatsApp 8770884954 Answer:
          Sorry, we do not deliver there. We are from South part of India
        • Asked by Swati Kiran
          on 01/18/2019
          I want to know the exact price of this pup. I am from Balasore, Odisha. So tell me the entire price including shipping charges. Answer:
          Male-16000 Female-13000 including delivery charges
        • Asked by Soham Singh
          on 01/19/2019
          Is it INKC registered? Whats the age of the male beagle? Answer:
          We will deliver 30 to 40 days puppy
        • Asked by Prav
          on 01/20/2019
          Interested in getting a beagle.. preferably a puppy @ bangalore When can u provide and how much Answer:
          Male-28000 Yes we will deliver to Bangalore
        • Asked by Praveen
          on 01/21/2019
          I am interested in adopting a male beagle.. preferably puppy How much does it cost and how many days do u need Answer:
          Please share your location
        • Asked by a guest
          on 01/23/2019
          Where this shop is. How much for 1 female beagle? Answer:
          We are from Andhra Pradesh
        • Asked by Prav
          on 01/24/2019
          We r in immadahalli How much time you take to deliver Answer:
          It will take 4 to 5 days
        • Asked by Manav
          on 01/26/2019
          Is this dog available for adoption?? Answer:
          Sorry present we dont have for adoption we have sale
        • Asked by S sri harsha
          on 02/05/2019
          I want to know if there are any puppies for adoption.. for free or pricing less than 7000. Answer:
          Sorry present we dont have for adoption we have for sale and we dont have for that price also.
        • Asked by Anysha
          on 02/08/2019
          Hi I am very keen on bringing home a beagle pup. Never had one before, only labs. Hence will appreciate any information you have. Answer:
          Please share your location
        • Asked by Gargi Sarkar
          on 02/12/2019
          Can you tell me the price of a beagle puppy. I want male puppy and within 60 days of age. Shipping address to Bangalore Answer:
          Male-28000 including delivery charges. we will deliver 30 to 45 days puppy
        • Asked by a guest
          on 02/15/2019
          We are looking for a beagle puppy Do you have any available Please send as the picture and prices 81 05 71 8484 Answer:
          Yes we have please share your location