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There are numerous adorable fur babies who are waiting to have their home. You can be their home.

One can easily purchase Persian Kitten in between the range of Rs. 14,000 to Rs.15,000 across India. It is always suggested to buy these kittens from home bred litter or from trusted breeders or stores. Never purchase from pet mills, animal farms or pet farms.

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Delivery: 3 to 9 working days

We ship all over India 

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Breed - Persian

  • Likes to spend time indoors.
  • Climbs on the racks, curtains, furniture, etc.
  • Have a muscular and sturdy body.
  • Full body forming the frills between the front legs, ears, and tails.

Weight: 3-4 Kgs


  • Female: 10-14 inches,
  • Male: 11-15 inches

Color:  White, Ash, Black, Cream


  • Male: Rs. 15,000, 
  • Female: Rs. 14,000.

Distinct Feature: Having large round head with short nose and small ears again with rounded tips. Have a muscular and sturdy body.

Coat: Famous for their looks especially the thick long flowy coat with fine and perfect textures. The coat covers the complete body forming the frills between the front legs, ears, and tails.

Temperament:  The Persian cats are the sweet, gentle and quiet companion which are likely to create any hassle to pet owner & your home. But, you can definitely love the company.

Activity: They love to stay indoors, climbing upon racks, curtains, furniture etc. They like to spend time sitting on chairs and the favorite spot will be your lap. Persian cats do not look forward to excessive exercise, by just weight management is required for them.

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Persian Kitten For Sale

Persian Kitten For Sale

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  • Asked by alaina
    on 12/31/2017
    kitten between the cost of 1000 and 2000(indian rupees) Answer:
    Sorry, We dont have that price
  • Asked by Amaya
    on 01/27/2018
    The breed of cats below 10000 Answer:
    Sorry, The cost is rs15000
  • Asked by Amaya
    on 01/27/2018
    The breed of cats below 10000 Answer:
    Sorry, The cost is rs15000
  • Asked by Krishna
    on 02/12/2018
    Cash on delivary is available for this kitten and some dogs ??? Answer:
    Cod not available on kittens and puppies
  • Asked by Simran shaikh
    on 02/19/2018
    Do you have a calico persian kitten Answer:
    Yes we do have Persian kitten .
  • Asked by a guest
    on 02/21/2018
    please give some normal rate its totally juss Answer:
    Sorry sir we supply healthy and genuine pets
  • Asked by varun
    on 04/06/2018
    "Kitten pics will be sent after payment is completed " without seeing kitty how to pay 15,000 and delivery charges . u should post pics here or should send it via whats app thats the right deal Answer:
    Please send the message to our whats app number : 8106360786. Even though we take money from you . We will send you the pic and videos of the kitten to you. If you wont like the kitten and you feel its not healthy . You can ask for refund of the amount . We will refund you.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 04/25/2018
    Price ?? Answer:
    price 17000
  • Asked by Saurabh
    on 04/30/2018
    This is very costly please can you make it in down price it's very cute but it is very costly Answer:
    Sorry its fix price we supply healthy and genuine breeds
  • Asked by Uma
    on 05/20/2018
    Do you have cod available??? Answer:
    Sorry we dont have COD option for pets
  • Asked by Sandeep Kashyap
    on 06/26/2018
    Colour of eye and coat Answer:
    We have normal eyes and blue eyes
  • Asked by Senti
    on 07/18/2018
    Hi.. What's the delivery charge to Dimapur ( nagaland) ? Answer:
    For puppy the deliver charges to nagaland is 5000
  • Asked by shameer
    on 07/18/2018
    I wanna know more details, so please get in touch. Answer:
    Contact to this number 8106360786
  • Asked by Austin James
    on 07/31/2018
    I wanna buy it how can I? I’m clicking on the cart button it shows cart is empty and there’s no button saying ‘buy’. How should I buy it? Answer:
    first add the product to the cart and then click on proceed to check out
  • Asked by preet
    on 08/11/2018
    i want dis catty can u plss send me pic Answer:
    please contact us on 8106360786
  • Asked by Naveen
    on 08/27/2018
    Price of kitten please Answer:
    Present we are not selling
  • Asked by Santhoshi senthil
    on 08/27/2018
    Hi sir I want beige puppy for my family Answer:
    Present we are not selling puppies
  • Asked by Nikhil
    on 09/01/2018
    I want a cat or dog can u supply them in Punjab Answer:
    So sorry we are not selling pets.
  • Asked by Sandeep Nandan
    on 09/14/2018
    How much will it cost monthly expenses for petting Persian doll face cat Answer:
    For any queries regarding pets maintenance and care please check the link.
  • Asked by Anupama
    on 09/17/2018
    I wanna know the price of Persian kittne Answer:
    So sorry we are not selling pets.
  • Asked by Somi
    on 09/25/2018
    By when can we expect your sale of pets to start. We are desperately looking for a healthy golden retriever puppy. Answer:
    Sorry present we are not selling pets
  • Asked by Anil
    on 11/28/2018
    Need good quality cat with long hair Answer:
    So sorry we are not selling pets.
  • Asked by amir
    on 12/18/2018
    Persian kitten Answer:
    Please share your location
  • Asked by Shubham Saxena
    on 12/21/2018
    Hi I'm looking for a Maine Coon Male kitten so if you have that please let me know . Answer:
    Sorry we dont have
  • Asked by Aman
    on 12/22/2018
    What is the price of kitten Answer:
    Please share your location
  • Asked by Mohit
    on 01/06/2019
    Is the above pet still availble for adoption Answer:
    Sorry present we dont have for adoption
  • Asked by Aisha ala siddiquie
    on 01/16/2019
    I want small white blue eyes Persian kitten is it available what is the price Answer:
    Please share your location
  • Asked by Rajeev Roy
    on 01/24/2019
    Sir I want to adopt a Persian kitten, Female 3 to 6 month delivery address at Siliguri West Bengal What's the price and delivery process. Answer:
    Sorry, we do not deliver there. We are from South part of India.
  • Asked by Yakub Mansoori
    on 02/04/2019
    female white, blue eys Answer:
    Please share your location
  • Asked by Akash
    on 02/04/2019
    I want to know it's pure breed & cost of it Answer:
    Please share your location
  • Asked by Zaki haider
    on 02/05/2019
    I m afraid that it will bite me.Can it bite me? Answer:
    No you have to train them
  • Asked by Reju kurup
    on 02/17/2019
    Searching for Persian kittens .kindly provide me with the location and watsap number I'm based in Kochi,kerala Answer:
    We are from Andhra Pradesh this is our watsapp number 8106360786