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Beaphar Flickout Soap 75 gm


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Beaphar Flickout Soap 75 gm - the ultimate solution to your pet's flea and tick infestation problems! This non-toxic anti-parasitic soap is specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks, keeping your furry friend free from these pesky parasites for up to two months and one month respectively.

The secret behind Flickout's effectiveness is its powerful active ingredient - Permethrin. This potent compound works as an ovicide, larvicide, and adulticide, effectively killing fleas and ticks at every stage of their life cycle. It also acts as a repellent and feeding suppressor, preventing these parasites from attaching to your pet's skin and feeding on their blood.

With Beaphar Flickout Soap 75 gm, you can rest assured that your pet is protected from fleas and ticks, without exposing them to harmful chemicals or toxins. So why wait? Get your hands on Flickout today and give your pet the protection they deserve!

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