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Himalaya healthcare products have been started from 80 years, and it has branded all globally since more than 15 years.


Himalaya healthcare products have been started from 80 years, and it has branded all globally since more than 15 years. Himalaya Healthcare for pets serves excellence with deep study and analysis of the pet need. Himalaya Health Care for pets is truly based on herbal which is trusted by many pet owners. Himalaya Health Care for pets is holding many products that benefit the health condition of both dogs and cats such as, " Himalaya Treats, Himalaya Supplements, Himalaya Spray, Himalaya Calming Products, Himalaya Medicines, Himalaya Shampoo and Conditions and, Himalaya Powders.

Himalaya Treats

Himalaya Healthy Treats are used for training the pets indoors and outdoors and can be used for puppy and adult dogs. Himalaya Treats are coated with a flavor of chicken, that the pets can't refuse have. 

Himalaya Puppy Healthy Treat With Chicken is a herbal content product that ensures proper nutrition and healthy digestion. Himalaya Puppy Healthy Treat With Chicken is having a tasty flavor of chicken, that attracts puppy towards your feeding

Himalaya Adult Healthy Treats With Chicken is a herbal content treat for adult dogs which is used for training. Himalaya Adult Healthy Treats with Chicken promises with the required protein and supplements that should be given as a treat. 

Note- Treats should be given limited. While training or to make them perform activities.

Himalaya Supplements 

Himalaya Supplements are given for both cats and dogs to maintain it's healthy skin and fur coat and, strong bones. Himalaya Supplements are classified into " Himalaya Furglow coat supplement for dogs, Himalaya Immunol Supplement For dog and cat.

Himalaya Furglow Coat Supplement For Dog is used for the prevention of hair loss and dehydrated fur. Himalaya Furglow Coat Supplement For dog is extracted with omega 3 and 6, and vitamin E which are rich in strengthening the capillary walls and promotes healthy fur coat.

Himalaya Immunol Supplement For Dog and Cat is used for both cat and dog for improving the Healthy immunity system and prevents from various infections with a major ingredient of Tinospora gulancha, which also control the pet stress and anxiety.

Himalaya Himcal Pet Calcium & Phosphorus is used for bone and joint care, as this supplement is extracted from calcium and phosphorus that strengthen the bones and joints. Himalaya Himcal Pet Calcium and Phosphorus also helps in dental care.

Himalaya Spray 

Himalaya Spray is suitable for all pets, to cure the wounds, skin patches, and other antifungal infections with the Himalaya Scavon Spray. 

Himalaya Scavon Spray is extracted from pure neem and eucalyptus oil, which makes sure to cure skin issues such as skin itching, redness, irritation. Himalaya Scavon Spray also strengthens the skin layer after curing the infections.

Himalaya Calming Tablets 

Himalaya Calming Tablets is used for all the pets to control their over anxiety, over barking while unusual disturbances or loud sounds with Himalaya anxocare vet tablets.

Himalaya Anxocare Vet Tablets is used for control over-excitement and over-aggressive when the pets come over new people or while traveling. And also these Himalaya Anxocare Vet Tablets are used to control the pets from unusual disturbances such as fireworks and unpleasant sounds.

Himalaya Medicines 

Himalaya Medicines are made with many examinations and care, with 100% herbal content. Himalaya Medicines drug is suitable for a different type of health issues, such as

Himalaya Liv-52 Vet Drops engages with the pet damaged liver. Himalaya Liv-52 Vet Drops is made with herbs that promise with improving the damaged liver, by generating liver cells with suitable proteins.

Himalaya Nefrotac Dc is an antiseptic Supplement that is used to break down the bladder stones and remove excess of fluids, such as toxins. Himalaya Nefrotac Dc helps in preventing urinary tract infections. 

Himalaya Styplon engages with liver diseases and helps in improving appetite, digestion and promotes a healthy weight gain. Himalaya Styplon also benefits in complete health care.

Himalaya Inflamin Vet Cream is used for sores, injuries and skin infections as it holds the properties of antibacterial and antifungal that ensures healthy and hygienic skincare for the pets.

Himalaya Himpyrin Liquid is used as a post supplement for major injury or surgery, as it reduces the fever, underlying caused by the pain of injury or surgery and helps in fast recovery. Himalaya Himpyrin Liquid also improves overall blood circulation.

Himalaya Digyton Plus Liquid is used in the digestion issues and helps to stimulate the enzymes in the stomach and also controls gastric diseases that are generally seen in adult age dogs. 

Note- Himalaya Medicines should be considered with a vet prescription. 

Himalaya Shampoos 

Himalaya Shampoos are essential for pet life as it benefits in many ways. Himalaya Shampoos holds a portion of Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. There are different products in Himalaya Shampoos based on the characteristics of pet skin and fur coats, such as " Himalaya Fresh Coat, Himalaya Erina Plus Conditioner, Himalaya Erina EP Shampoo For Dog, and Himalaya Erina coat cleanser for the dog.

Himalaya Fresh Coat is extracted for a herbal product named Tulasi, and also has a natural deodorizer. Himalaya Fresh Coat is suitable for both dogs and cats to keep its fur coat Healthy and fresh. Himalaya Fresh Coat shampoo also eliminates all the insects that spoil the skin.

Himalaya Erina Plus Conditioner is extracted from hibiscus and Neem which are rich in fragrance and hygiene. Himalaya Erina Plus Conditioner is suitable for all fur types, and it deeply nourishes the dry fur, to give a smooth and Healthy look.

Himalaya Erina EP Shampoo For Dog contains Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine that particularly works on eliminating Insects such as Fleas and ticks. Himalaya Erina EP Shampoo also gives strong skin cells and prevent skin irritations and rashes. 

Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser For Dog is an antibiotic coat cleaner, that ensures with a hygienic fur coat. Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser prevents dandruff and other elements that harm the fur and promote a hygienic fur coat.

Himalaya Powder

Himalaya Powder is a complete Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine, that promises Healthy skincare.

Himalaya Erina EP Powder For Dogs is expected from Neem and eucalyptus, which makes a 100% antifungal product, that ensures in complete skincare and preventing the skin from rashes, itches, and redness. 


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Shampoos & Conditioners

Himalaya Erina Coat Cleanser Shampoo

₹200.90 ₹245.00
Coat Cleanser Erina prevents the formation of dandruff on your pet’s skin and hair coat.
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Dry Food

Himalaya Healthy Chicken & Rice Puppy Food

₹3,799.50 ₹4,470.00
Healthy Pet food - Puppy is a complete and balanced food with over 20 nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which provides a perfect balance of nutrition and is fortified with herbs for additional health benefits for puppies.
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Himalaya Mobility Plus Joint and Hip Supplement 30 Tabs

₹364.90 ₹445.00
Type - Hip and Joint Supplement Suitable - Dogs and Cats Quantity - 30 and 60 Tabs Mobility Plus is a unique blend of herbal ingredients that supports optimal bone and joint health in young and older dogs & cats.    
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Biscuits & Bakery

Himalaya Healthy Chicken Treats For Adults

2 Reviews
₹296.00 ₹370.00
If you want multiple flavours shipped to you in the same order please ping us on WhatsApp 8106360786 Healthy treats with delicious chicken flavor for adult Supports skin health and fitness It has high nutritious and healthy
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Biscuits & Bakery

Himalaya Healthy Chicken Treats For Puppies

1 Reviews
₹172.00 ₹215.00
If you want multiple flavours shipped to you in the same order please ping us on WhatsApp 8106360786 Healthy treats with delicious chicken flavor Supports skin health and fitness It has high nutritious and healthy
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Himalaya Liv-52 Syrup -200 ml

1 Reviews
₹143.50 ₹175.00
Key benefits: Work as an appetite stimulant Protect the liver from chemical toxin and drugs Helps in protein building in liver cell With measuring cap  Dogs   Small breeds-5-8 ml twice daily Large breeds-10-15 ml twice daily Cats-3-5 ml twice daily
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Himalaya Nefrotac Ds Tab-60

1 Reviews
₹143.50 ₹175.00
Used for Urinary tract infections. Removes excess fluid from body. Can be used for any breeds.
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Himalaya Furglow Coat Supplement for Dogs

1 Reviews
₹416.00 ₹520.00
Type: Supplement Quantity: 200 ml Suitable for both small & adult breeds. Rich in Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids. Good for:  Skin health. Cell membrane growth. Formation of the nerve cell. Directions for use: Differs for both breeds in pups - large & small. Pups: Small Breeds - 1.5-2.5 ml twice daily Large breeds - 3- 5 ml twice daily Adults: Small...
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Shampoos & Conditioners

Himalaya Fresh Coat Dry Bath Shampoo - 400 ml

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₹451.00 ₹550.00
Used for puppies up to 2-months of age, water-free bath, control of bad odour. Quantity -  400 ml Composition- Dry Bath Shampoo Suitable - Dogs and cats
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